• Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Says Dwight Howard Lacks The Basketball IQ Required To Be A Dominant Player

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 4, 2013
    First, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar that lengthy antagonist of Bruce Lee praised Dwight Howard and his “extraordinary athletic ability.” On top of that, Basketball Hall of Famers Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar were regarded as, say it with me, moody and aloof during their playing careers. Abdul-Jabbar cops to giving up on ever finding a head coaching job, while Ewing still has the bug, and is still looking to take what he sees as rightfully his after long stints assisting in Washington, Houston, and Orlando. From the New York Daily News: For years Kareem attempted to secure an NBA or NCAA head coaching gig, and denied despite his legendary credentials and time spent assisting both the Clippers and Lakers, while Ewing has bounced around the assistant’s ranks for a decade. Though Jason has no prior coaching experience, he clicks off on all the player-to-coach checkmarks that NBA general managers usually lust after – a point guard, a coach on the floor, heady and respected in his active career, and already chummy with modern NBA players.
    Source: dimemag.com
  • Both Patrick Ewing and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are curious about Jason Kidd’s coaching hire

    With Brooklyn Nets coach Jason Kidd off to what could be charitably described as an inauspicious debut, just about every longtime NBA coaching candidate will be asked to comment on the remarkable jump Kidd made from playing uncharacteristically poor bas…
    Source: yahoo.com
  • Knicks legend Patrick Ewing still not big man on sideline 

    Before heading to — where else? — the golf course, on Thursday morning, Michael Jordan walked over to Patrick Ewing on the basketball court at the UNC-Asheville Sherrill Center and just couldn’t resist busting on his old pal.

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