• Knicks’ Andrea Bargnani really, *really* cannot dunk from that far away (Video)

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    You know, for a second there, it was shaping up to be a pretty good Wednesday night for Andrea Bargnani. Andrea Bargnani’s crash landing on a failed dunk attempt Wednesday night was an instant hit across the internet, but one day later it became just another major hit in a disastrous season filled with them for the Knicks. Unfortunately, Bargs didn't exactly stick the landing. The reeling New York Knicks have lost yet another big man with Andrea Bargnani now out indefinitely with a torn ligament in his left elbow. Bargnani remained in the game, hitting both of his free throws, finishing the third quarter and playing the first three minutes of the fourth before taking a seat for the rest of the game. Bargnani came down really hard on his left wrist and, of course, Sixers defender Thaddeus Young but after taking a few seconds to collect himself, he got back to his feet, headed to the free throw line and made his two free throws, and remained in the game. That's good. It could've been way worse. Now, that said ... He initially remained in the game before the sinking Knicks went on to lose their fifth straight game to Philadelphia. this was a pretty ambitious takeoff for the 7-foot, 250-pounder, wouldn't you say? You can almost hear the strains of inspirational music pulsing through his head, propelling him forward, swelling toward a crescendo as pumped and drove; luckily for us, the folks at SB Nation heard it, too:
    • Andrea Bargnani Is Out Indefinitely; We Made Him A Tribute Video

      Sad news, everyone. Andrea Bargnani, the Knicks player who brought us the most entertainment this year, has a torn ligament in his left arm that will keep him off the court indefinitely. Bargs hurt himself doing what Bargs does best: playing basketball …
      Source: deadspin.com

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