• Larsen's perfect game uniform to hit auction

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 8, 2012
    On the anniversary of Larsen's greatest day as a pitcher, Steiner Sports Memorabilia announced it will auction off the uniform that Larsen, 82, wore. Larsen, who has kept the jersey in a closet in Idaho, was asked if he could fathom that his uniform could draw more in an auction than he made in his career as a Major Leaguer. "I had only worn it three times, but we were entitled to keep it," Larsen said. Larsen's hat fell off when Berra jumped into his arms. It was never recovered. It is as it was if you were there in the Bronx with Joe Torre, the 16-year-old Giants fans from Brooklyn, and 64,519 others that early autumn afternoon, and even if you weren't. It was 27 up and 27 down. The Don Larsen Waltz He made the Dodgers dance. The specifics that many of us have committed to memory include 97 pitches thrown by the Yankees' surprise and surprised starting pitcher against the seemingly annual opponent, a most formidable foe.
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Perfect game lives on through Larsen and Yogi

      Monday marked the 56th anniversary of Don Larsen's historic perfect game. Though decades have passed, the achievement is still one of the greatest in the history of the game.
      Source: MLB.com

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