• Lawyer says Ortiz isn’t cooperating in case against Hernandez

    Summary of 19 articles · Updated Jul 12, 2013
    Ortiz isn’t currently cooperating police. So the smart thing for Connors to do was to say Ortiz isn’t cooperating And while the session didn’t reveal much, Ortiz’s lawyer had plenty to say after the hearing. Many of you instantly recognized that Ortiz’s explanation to police that Ernest Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez told Wallace that Hernandez shot Odin Lloyd entails multiple levels of hearsay. The documents, according to the AP, also revealed that police found that a vehicle wanted in a double homici...
    • Ortiz statement to police raises several hearsay questions

      It’s one thing for police to have statements from Carlos Ortiz that can be used to support the issuance of a search warrant. It’s quite another to be able to use those statements at trial. Many of you instantly recognized that Ortiz’s explanation to pol…
    • Carlos Ortiz, who provided many details in Aaron Hernandez case, has extensive drug history

      When an affidavit was released in Florida that outlined what Carlos Ortiz told police about the killing of Odin Lloyd, it looked very similar to the timeline of events the prosecution presented during Aaron Hernandez's indictment. [Related: Convicting A…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • As a witness, Carlos Ortiz will have plenty of warts

      During the climactic scene in A Few Good Men, Jack Nicholson chides Tom Cruise for a meandering cross examination by saying of Cruise’s clients facing murder charges, “Please tell me their lawyer hasn’t pinned their hopes to a phone bill.” A similar com…
    • David Ortiz sets a record for designated hitters, but is he Hall-worthy?

      Your new all-time leader in hits as a designated hitter is David Ortiz, who set the record against Seattle. But will all those hits add up to a Hall of Fame spot? Jay Jaffe investigates.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Report: Hernandez cohort has drugs record

      Should Carlos Ortiz testify in the Aaron Hernandez murder case, jurors will have to gauge his words against his drug-filled background.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Ortiz breaks career record for hits by a DH

      Boston's David Ortiz has passed Harold Baines to become Major League Baseball's career leader in hits by a designated hitter.
    • Suspect tells police Hernandez admitted shooting

      A Bristol man charged in connection with the Aaron Hernandez murder case told police he didn't see who shot the victim, but that he was told by another man who…Click to Continue »
    • Aaron Hernandez’s associate gave up details, here’s how his story matches up with prosecution’s theory

      Now we have a fairly good idea how the prosecution was able to charge Aaron Hernandez with first-degree murder, and lay out most of the timeline of the night Odin Lloyd was killed during Hernandez's arraignment. Carlos Ortiz, an associate of Hernandez w…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Affidavit confirms Ortiz flipped on Hernandez, told them the whole story

      On Tuesday, limited snippets of an affidavit filed in a Florida court emerged, via the Associated Press. And while the information published by the AP was accurate, it was hardly complete. Albert Breer of NFL Network has passed along the entire affidavi…
    • Lloyd was found with phone, keys to another car rented by Hernandez

      We’ve been trying not to overwhelm you with the details contained in more than 150 pages outlining efforts to obtain search warrants in the Odin Lloyd murder investigation. But there’s plenty of intriguing stuff buried among the pages and paragraphs. Fo…
    • Aaron Hernandez fired shots, records say

      Hernandez has been charged with murder in the June killing of Boston semipro football player Odin Lloyd.
    • Documents: Associate was told Aaron Hernandez was the shooter

      ATTLEBORO, Mass. -- Carlos Ortiz appeared in court Tuesday and, in the span of approximately three minutes, he agreed to remain in jail without bail and was whisked back to lockup.Little did the media and onlookers know at the time, but the skinny, curl…
      Source: azcentral.com
    • Witness told Hernandez committed murder

      Carlos Ortiz, one of the alleged accomplices in the Aaron Hernandez case, says he was told that Hernandez said he killed Odin Lloyd. According to court documents released Tuesday, Ortiz told police that Ernest Wallace, a second alleged accomplice, told …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Wallace told Ortiz that Hernandez admitted firing the shots

      On the same day authorities in Massachusetts released more than 150 pages of documents relating to eight search warrants obtained in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd, documents generated in Florida contained a far more significant nugget of info…
  • Ortiz said “other football players” used the Hernandez apartment

    The affidavit that details Carlos Ortiz’s comments to police regarding the murder of Odin Lloyd touches on another important fact. Ortiz told police about the separate apartment Aaron Hernandez kept, in the general vicinity of his $1.3 million home. In …
  • Police searched contents of Hernandez’s Patriots locker

    The documents released Tuesday regarding the various searches conducted in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd reveals that the thorough, methodical process included a search of the contents of Aaron Hernandez’s locker at Gillette Stadium. Because …

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