• LeBron may end dunk routine after criticism

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Feb 27, 2013
    I'm not exactly sure where this criticism has been. LeBron James regularly puts on a show – usually some kind of dunk display – in pregame warmups. In other words, expect LeBron to shut the whole thing down. James has been executing contest-worthy dunks during warm-ups, but has been unwilling throughout his career to participate in the league's dunk contest during All-Star Weekend despite pressure from fans and former players. After this awesome finish prior to Miami's 141-129 double-overtime win over the...
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  • LeBron James Unleashes Another Crazy Pregame Dunk, Then Kills All the Fun

    LeBron James regularly puts on a show — usually some kind of dunk display — in pregame warmups. But when he broke out this one before Miami’s game against the Cavs the other night, the internet fervor it ignited had everyone newly laser-locked on la
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  • Have we seen the last of LeBron's pre-game dunk show?

    The best in the unofficial series, LeBron put one between his legs in mid-flight before Tuesday's game. LeBron went on to score 40 points and record 16 assists against the Kings. The Heat defeated Sacramento 141-129 in double overtime. LeBron's pregame …
  • LeBron James threatens to stop sick pregame dunks if we keep ridin’ him about Dunk Contest (VIDEO)

    On Monday, we shared footage of LeBron James pulling off a pretty rad mid-air, pass-through-the-legs, off-the-glass, one-handed dunk during the Miami Heat's pregame warm-ups before taking on the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday night. In doing so, I wrote …
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    • LeBron James Threatens To End His Pregame Dunking

      Look what we did, internet. We ruined a good thing. LeBron James's casually thunderous, between-the-legs-and-off-the-glass slam during warmups for Sunday's game went viral, shining a light on a relatively recent Heat tradition: the layup line mini-dunk …
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