• Let's chat: Please join me for our AFC West chat, which will …

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    • Film of the NFC South chat

      Let’s take a look at the team-by-team highlights from Friday’s NFC South chat: ATLANTA FALCONS Pete (ATL): What changed your tune on Steven Jackson?? You were wary from the start, was it the modestly priced short term contract? Pat Yasinskas: I wasn't
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    • NFC South chat Friday at 1 p.m.

      The first few days of free agency have been eventful in the NFC South and there likely are more significant moves on the way. That means there is plenty to talk about. We have the perfect venue for that. The weekly NFC South chat will be held Friday at …
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    • AFC South chat film rewind

      A sampling of Thursday's stellar AFC South chat: Kevin (Portland): Am I crazy to think that [Ed] Reed might not be a long term upgrade/solution for the Texans? I can't imagine he'll take less $ than [Glover] Quin, and he isn't as versatile. It just make…
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    • NFL free agency chat set for 1 p.m. ET

      I'm thinking we'll have plenty to discuss when the next NFC West chat begins at 1 p.m. ET. Here is the link. Hope to see you there. And if I have to bail early, all the better. That will mean something big has happened in the NFC West -- always fun.
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