• Losing Jackson hurts, but how much?

    Summary of 10 articles · Updated Mar 28, 2014
    To best deal with Jackson, you had better really know Jackson. By the way, Jackson had just one catch after that touchdown. Just as scary? It's hard to take out a guy like Jackson and think it will just be the same. One thing we do know is that it wouldn’t be hard for Seattle to show interest as the Seahawks are well-acquainted with Jackson’s agent, Joel Segal, who also represents a number of current or recently former Seahawks, including Percy Harvin, Bruce Irvin, Tarvaris Jackson, Walter Thurmond and Mi...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Other teams appear more serious suitors for Jackson

      As the hours have passed since DeSean Jackson was released by the Eagles, it appears that a few teams other than the Seahawks may be more serious suitors for his services.
    • Decision to cut Jackson wasn’t a surprise, but the timing was

      With the Eagles unable to find a trade partner for receiver DeSean Jackson, it was no surprise that Philly cut him loose. But it was a surprise that they did it today. There was no deadline or other pressure point forcing the team’s hand. The issue woul…
    • Redskins should say no to Jackson

      He only needs one play to change a game -- and you never know when it will come. In 2010, it came on the first play of the game, with then-Redskins safety LaRon Landry probably still in full yapping mode. And DeSean Jackson's 88-yard touchdown catch ign…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Panthers have no interest in Jackson

      Before anybody gets too far into the dream of DeSean Jackson wearing a Carolina Panthers No. 10 jersey this season, wake up. It's not happening. Yes, coach Ron Rivera told USA Today the Panthers would be interested in Jackson after the Philadelphia Eagl…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • DeSean Jackson and the Seahawks: A few more thoughts

      Whatever concerns there are about DeSean Jackson off the field hasn't stopped teams from immediately inquiring about his services for the future, according to ESPN.com's Adam Schefter, who Tweeted recently:
    • Would Patriots be interested in Jackson?

      News came this afternoon that the Philadelphia Eagles have decided to release wide receiver DeSean Jackson, their leader in receptions and receiving yards last season. It came on the heels of a NJ.com report that indicated the Eagles were concerned abou…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Cutting Jackson a low blow by the Eagles

    Despite dubious gang connections, DeSean Jackson is seen to be not worth the Eagles' trouble.
    Source: philly.com
    • To Eagles, Jackson not worth the risk

      It is impossible to analyze the Eagles' decision to release DeSean Jackson without the requisite context, and that context is Aaron Hernandez.
      Source: philly.com
  • Raiders have the need, money to sign WR Jackson

    The release of DeSean Jackson by the Philadelphia Eagles on Friday gives the Raiders a rare opportunity to secure a No. 1 wide receiver in free agency. It just so happens that the Raiders have the money to make it happen, too. Despite a flurry of free-a…

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