• Luis Scola to be traded for Gerald Green, considerations

    Summary of 11 articles · Updated Jul 30, 2013
    • Pacers figure Scola final piece of bench-building

      The Indiana Pacers believe they put the final piece in place to challenge for an NBA title when they recently traded for veteran forward Luis Scola.
      Source: nba.com
    • VotS Live: Reviewing the Suns’ trade of Luis Scola

      Join us at 5 p.m. to discuss the Phoenix Suns’ trade of Luis Scola to the Indiana Pacers, a look at what they got in return and the roster outlook moving forward.
    • The Indiana Pacers acquire Luis Scola from Phoenix, in a necessary deal for both teams

      It’s always lovely to see an NBA trade that appears to be ready to work marvelously for both sides, and the Indiana Pacers and Phoenix Suns seem keen on putting these sorts of deals together of late. The Pacers, you’ll recall, are the team that engaged …
    • Luis Scola converted into more assets for efficient Suns

      When an amnesty provision allowing teams to eliminate one salary from their cap emerged from the muck of the 2011 lockout, we knew it would provide teams under the cap with a means to add veteran...
    • Pacers acquire Scola in three-player trade with Suns

      The Indiana Pacers have bolstered their front-line depth with the acquisition of Luis Scola from the Phoenix Suns.
      Sources: nba.com ESPN.com

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The Indiana Pacers acquire Luis Scola from Phoenix, in a necess…
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