• Man wins bet, will name son after RGIII

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Feb 21, 2013
    “Big enough to name my son after RGIII,” the 27-year old answered. It gets better, though. So they made a bet: whoever’s team won the Thanksgiving Day game got to name the child. “I would die if my son grew up to be a Cowboys fan. That’d be awful. But they were also pregnant with their first child, and were struggling to come up with a name. Because if things had gone slightly differently on Thanksgiving Day, Vega’s first son-to-be would instead have been named “Austin Miles Vega.” As in Miles Austin. As in a Dallas Cowboy.
    • Cowboys fan loses bet, must name her son after Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III

      Marissa Pena is lifelong Cowboys fan, but her first son will be known as Robert Griffin,  thanks to the Cowboys loss to the Redskins on Thanksgiving. According to the Washington Post, Pena and her boyfriend Emanuel Vega, a Redskins fan, were struggling

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