• Mark Brunell wouldn’t be surprised if the Jaguars end up in London

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Oct 30, 2013
    Via First Coast News, former Jaguars quarterback Mark Brunell recently said he won’t be surprised if the team moves to London. Mark Brunell Mark Brunell is a Jacksonville Jaguars ambassador, and yet he can't help feeling as if one day he'll be a London Jaguars ambassador. Brunell said he thinks that just might happen. It’s not good for Jacksonville,” Brunell told ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning. Not that what Brunell said was a firebomb because there's considerable speculation outside Jacksonville...
    • Brunell quick to reverse himself on Jaguars-to-London comment

      Former Jaguars' quarterback Mark Brunell was obviously going to have to resolve the pushback he received from his own fan base, which fumed over his comments to Mike&Mike on ESPN Tuesday that he thought it appeared the team would eventually move to …

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