• Melo: Woodson 'can't worry about' status

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Dec 13, 2013
    “I want to play again,” Woodson said. Knicks star Carmelo Anthony doesn't think coach Mike Woodson should worry about his job status. "When we win, the heat is off. When we lose, the heat is on. Woodson said he thinks the organization is moving in the right direction and that he’s been “happy and proud” to be part of it this season. Woodson would provide the team with leadership and continuity through that process, assuming, of course, that Oakland feels he’s still talented enough to merit a roster spot. ...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Woodson wants to return to Oakland

      ALAMEDA, Calif. -- Charles Woodson set off alarm bells following the Oakland Raiders’ loss to the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day by continually referring to “they” when talking about the Raiders and their future. Woodson, who returned to the Raiders…
    • Knicks Insider: Woodson & Co. go to Boston

      Doc Rivers got a standing ovation and video tribute on his return to Boston on Wednesday night. For Mike Woodson, the Celtics might roll out the red carpet. Boston defeated the Knicks by 41 points last Sunday at Madison Square Garden for the NBA’s most …

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