• Meriweather returns with a bang

    Summary of 15 articles · Updated Oct 31, 2013
    That's the only way," Meriweather said Monday. Meriweather returned with a bang Monday, about how he'll tackle in the future and with pointed comments regarding Chicago Bears receiver Brandon Marshall . Meriweather was asked what he thought of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett saying he wanted to punch Meriweather and Marshall saying that Meriweather should be either suspended or kicked out of the league. Marshall received one of Meriweather's hits in the game on Oct. 20. A source told ESPN NFL Insider Ed...
    • When the Chargers have the ball

      Ryan Mathews has two consecutive games with 100 yards rushing.
    • Haslett defends Brandon Meriweather

      ASHBURN, Va. -- A week ago, Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Jim Haslett said he was more concerned with Brandon Meriweather's tackling than his suspension. Now he's just happy to have Meriweather back and he's confident he'll tackle within the…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith says he ‘knows’ Brandon Meriweather is sorry for comments

      If you thought that there would be a Brandon Meriweather apology for his over-the-top comments on taking out players' knees in lieu of hitting them high, you were right. Kind of. Maybe. The Redskins safety didn't apologize himself for his comments sayin…
    • Brandon Marshall earns points with teammates

      There was a time when Brandon Marshall would have lashed out at Brandon Meriweather, who on Monday called the Bears wide receiver a girlfriend-beater. Marshall’s teammates are glad those days are gone. “We’ve all made mistakes,” quarterback Jay Cutler s…
      Source: suntimes.com
    • Marshall's non-response was the right play

      Considering Brandon Marshall is one of the NFL’s elite receivers, his peripheral vision probably works better than most. So when Marshall ran out of the brisk cold air at the practice fields on his way to the doors leading into Halas Hall, surely he saw…
      Source: ESPN.com

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