• Miami 35, Oakland 13: The Game In Two GIFs

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Sep 18, 2012
    This one wasn't the most compelling, but if you like long runs to the end zone, well, do I have some GIFs for you. The struggle between QBs that are held in unsteady regard by their quick-to-anger fan bases looked like it would be lost by everyone, but Vick eventually willed the afternoon his way, with the game-winning touchdown run and 371 yards total through the air. Sorry Baltimoreyou still have Ray Rice. Ravens are 1-1, Eagles 2-0.
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    • Atlanta 27, Denver 21: The Game In Two GIFs

      The officiating in this game was an absolute disaster. Just brutal. It was as if Drew's column earlier today sprouted legs and was playing out on our televisions. There was a point where it really looked like things were going to boil over and shit was …
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    • Steelers 27, Jets 10: In Two GIFS

      The Steelers slowly bludgeoned the Jets. It was over well before, but Isaac Redman trucked what was either a terrible or exhausted defense in the fourth quarter and this one was never really in doubt. Mark Sanchez followed up his fine season opener in h…
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    • Seahawks 27, Cowboys 7: The Game In Four GIFs

      Yowza, the Cowboys got owned in Seattle. Russell Wilson outplayed Tony Romo, Marshawn Lynch rushed for 122 yards...oh, let's just let GIFs tell the story.
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    • Bengals 34, Browns 27: The Game In Two GIFs

      Some primo running in this one-and actually some primo passing too, and generally good football playing all around. It's like Sean always says (this morning), "it's these god-awful looking games that become the most compelling." This one wasn't the most
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    • Eagles 24, Ravens 23: The Game In Three Gifs

      A dogfight between cities on I-95 that just plain hate each other. It showed:
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