• Mike Dee takes on Norman Braman head on

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Mar 28, 2013
    "With the offer that is now on the table, Norman Braman is frankly irrelevant to this conversation," Dee tweeted. So, for now, advantage Braman. Finally, Dee believes that whatever Braman says, the final say belongs to voters. In recent days, Dolphins CEO Mike Dee called Braman a “bitter man” and “irrelevant.” Those private sentiments leaked into public Tuesday evening when Dolphins Chief Executive Officer Mike Dee took to twitter and went after Braman. Not to be outdone, Ross privately has said that Braman is “full of [expletive].” "We have no problem with the fact that he applied for and received government aid to create jobs – that is the whole point of those programs and we applaud him for putting people to work," Dee told me in an e-mail. While it’s fun to watch a couple of really rich guys act like the rest of us sometimes do, the mere existence of the fight hurts Ross, since it ultimately will do nothing to make people more inclined to show up at the polls and vote for public money to be used to help any billionaire with any project.
    • Former Eagles owner versus the Dolphins: Bitter fight is on

      You see the three images above? They represent the evidence the Dolphins say they have that Norman Braman is a "hypocrite," as Mike Dee said Wednesday. The first two images are evidence that Braman Motors, which Braman obviously owns, received…

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