• Mike Pettine won't reveal if he'll play Johnny Manziel in Pittsburgh and other quick hitters from his presser

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    Browns coach Mike Pettine will not attempt to define the situation to play backup quarterback Johnny Manziel today. He will have two weeks to get Johnny Manziel ready, let him debut on the road before the Browns play the next week at home against the Steelers. But he also said he watched tape of Dick LeBeau's defense in Pittsburgh and saw some things that made go "whoa."BEREA, Ohio Johnny Manziel's ready if the Browns need him against the Steelers. Hoge went as far as calling Manziel "a juvenile punk." Sa...
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    • Mike Pettine on Johnny Manziel: 'We never felt the need for him' in loss to Steelers

      Browns coach Mike Pettine said the coaches never considered putting Manziel in the game because the situation didn't call for it.
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    • Pettine says Manziel’s playing time will come down to “feel”

      Browns coach Mike Pettine will not attempt to define the situation to play backup quarterback Johnny Manziel today. But Pettine is confident that he’ll know it when he sees it. Pettine told Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that he and offensive coordinator Kyle …
    • Johnny Manziel is ready if called on in Pittsburgh: 'that's what these coaches have asked of me'

      Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is ready for a package of plays in Pittsburgh. If the game dictates, he'll come off the bench to provide a spark.
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    • Dick LeBeau will be “very surprised” if Johnny Manziel doesn’t play

      Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan said this week that he’s excited to see quarterback Johnny Manziel play in a regular season game and the Steelers think that Shanahan will give himself that excitement on Saturday. We’ve already heard safety Tr…
    • Coordinator says he’s excited to see Johnny Manziel play

      People who get paid to say controversial things on television have certainly been saying them about Johnny Manziel. But Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan praised his backup quarterback, saying he was excited to see him on the field. “[He's] wor…
    • Why the Cleveland Browns will go 5-11 this season: Tom Reed

      Concerns with the passing game and a schedule that's unforgiving early and late should make for another long season on the lakefront.
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    • Videos: Will we see Johnny Manziel in the Steelers game Sunday? - Cleveland Browns Berea report

      Watch Mary Kay Cabot and Tom Reed recap the news from Browns practice Thursday in Berea. Also watch videos with Kyle Shanahan talking about a possible Johnny Manziel package of play and the Browns running game.
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    • Browns OC Kyle Shanahan says Johnny Manziel is 'worth a first-round pick, I'm excited to see him play'

      Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan might use Johnny Manziel in Pittsburgh, and says 'he's worth a first-round pick.' He disagrees with critics such as Merril Hoge.
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    • Kyle Shanahan ready to amp the play calling up a notch

      Browns offensive coordinator’s creativity will show on Sunday
    • Manziel trademarks the term, “Johnny Cleveland”

      Johnny Manziel hasn’t played in an NFL game yet, but he already leads the league in trademarks. Manziel has filed for a trademark to the term “Johnny Cleveland,” according to ESPN. That makes 10 trademarks that Manziel’s company, JMan2 Enterprises LLC, …
    • Michael Sam, Johnny Manziel and the defending Super Bowl champion Seahawks highlight top NFL stories

      The NFL doesn’t have to worry about it snowing at the Super Bowl this season — the game is in Glendale, Ariz. — so there is a lot less anxiety on Park Ave. But there are plenty of other issues as the season opens Thursday night with the Super Bowl champ…
    • Steelers notebook: Defense preparing to see Manziel

      How much Johnny Manziel will the Steelers see? They aren’t about to predict, although they anticipate him getting on the field because of his ability ...
  • Manziel latest first-rounder tasked with being Browns’ savior

    BEREA, Ohio — Cleveland rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel begins his NFL career Sunday armed with a clipboard and headset when the Browns face the Steelers ...

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