• Morning Joe with Dolphins' coach Philbin

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Mar 19, 2013
    "I don't know where that came from that Joe Philbin doesn't like him." I had breakfast with Joe Philbin this morning. Philbin discussed some of  his former Green Bay, some of which have been rumored as coming to the Dolphins. Philbin's expectations of Wallace? "Get open, catch the ball, hopefully make a couple of guys miss after. That's what a receiver does."  Philbin is a very even-keel guy. Not excitable. Philbin boils down Michael Egnew's problem last year gettig on the field: He talked about not seeing enough from him in practice. The Dolphins studied Mike Wallace by studying every play he ran the past two years. They studied every catch. They studied every drop.
    • EVERYTHING Joe Philbin told the media Tuesday

      PHOENIX -- Joe Philbin talked to the media for 63 minutes on Tuesday at the NFL annual meeting. This is everything he said: (On how excited he is about the free agent acquisitions) — “Yeah, first of all, it takes a lot to get to that stage. There’s

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