• MRI Shows Robert Griffin III Has Partially Torn ACL, LCL

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    Griffin suffered a partially torn LCL in his right knee during Sunday's playoff game against the Seahawks, a source said. The Washington Post reported earlier that Griffin's MRI suggested partial tears to the ACL and LCL. On "SportsCenter" on Tuesday evening, Dr. Michael Kaplan speculated that the LCL procedure alone would require a recovery time of four to six months and that the combination of an LCL and ACL reconstruction could keep Griffin out "nine to 12 months, or maybe even longer than that." But no one can say for sure. There is also believed to be damage to Griffin's anterior cruciate ligament, but that will not be determined until Dr. Andrews performs the surgery on Griffin's LCL. Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is having surgery this week to repair the torn lateral collateral ligament in his right knee, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Tuesday evening. Griffin also likely tore at least part of his ACL, but it's unknown how severe it is because a previous knee injury he suffered at Baylor in 2009 required two screws and a rubber band to hold it together. This is part of what she told me: Stephania followed up this morning to clarify, as some of my readers pointed out, that there's also the option of taking a ligament from a cadaver.
    • RG III has torn LCL, ACL ligaments fixed

      Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III quarterback had his torn lateral collateral ligament repaired and a "re-do" of his previous anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, Dr. James Andrews said Wednesday in a statement.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Mixed reports on length of Griffin’s rehab

      As Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III undergoes surgery this morning to repair, reportedly, both the LCL and ACL in his right knee, there are different accounts regarding the amount of time he’ll miss. ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, who expanded the tor
    • On RG III, that 6-8 months seems optimistic

      Like most of you, I was asleep when this Chris Mortensen report broke in the middle of the night. While earlier reports said Dr. James Andrews would determine the extent of the damage to Robert Griffin III's right ACL when he went in this morning to rep…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Report: Robert Griffin III out 6-8 months with complete ACL, LCL tears

      The final diagnosis appears to be in for Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. According to Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Griffin will undergo “total reconstruction” surgery early Wednesday morning to repair complete tears to his ACL and LCL.
    • At least one ligament surgery for RG III

      Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III is having surgery this week to repair the torn lateral collateral ligament (LCL) in his right knee, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Tuesday evening. During the surgery, Adam reports, Dr. James Andrews wil…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Griffin’s knee exam goes late into the day

      When it comes to the condition of Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III’s knee, no news is likely bad news. Still, the news remains no news. According to Mark Maske and Mike Jones of the Washington Post, the latest examination of Griffin’s knee by D
    • Report: MRI suggests at least partial tears of ACL, LCL for Griffin

      And now we know why the Redskins are being so tight lipped about the condition of Robert Griffin III’s knee. They’re being tight lipped because it’s not good.  And they’re hoping that, somehow, the news will get better after further evaluation. A
  • Report: Robert Griffin III's Knee Requires "Total Reconstruction" Surgery, Six-To-Eight-Month Recovery Expected

    Though an initial report suggested Robert Griffin III had partially torn both the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and lateral cruciate ligament (LCL) in the world's most-talked-about right knee, ESPN's Chris Mortensen now says sources are telling him t…
    Source: deadspin.com

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