• MU's Gaines believes making big plays more important than being a big player

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Feb 25, 2014
    Gaines’ game is not even in that ballpark yet, but he probably made himself some money in Indianapolis. This is not idle talk from Gaines; he backed it up in 2013. Gaines is a three-year starter who contributed from the moment he set foot on Missouri's campus, and his coaches have consistently raved about his consistency and production. But Gaines is also 5 feet 10 and 190 pounds with 30-inch arms, so he does not compare, at least physically, to Seattle's rangy corners Richard Sherman, Brandon Browner and Byron Maxwell. How can NFL defensive coordinators possibly counter the influx of athletic talent and changes to the game that have made offenses so potent? Here’s one way: find a cornerback like Justin Gilbert to draft.

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