• NBA considers review of block, charge calls

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Jun 13, 2013
    That hasn’t stopped the NBA’s Competition Committee from giving us more time for TV timeouts attempting to get every call correctly, as NBA vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson is going through with a plan to allow instant replay review for block/charge calls that typically come down to judgment calls. From the Associated Press: We know you are. How many more NBA games have to be ruined by a block or charge call gone terribly wrong in the final moments of the contest? How many more years do we have to put up with an errant block or charge call, whistled in the last two minutes of the game, completely changing the course of natural action, lost forever and above overturning due to NBA rules? We're constantly looking for ways to utilize review." Referees usually swallow their whistles late in games, refusing to bail out both offensive player and defender in the final minutes of a close game, and rare is the instance of a block or charge call so severely shifting the course of action that it warrants league officials beating their chests or the referees stopping the flow of a close game to go scope out the play on tape. The change would allow officials to get a closer, slow-motion look at a collision between two players to deem if it was a blocking foul on the defense or a charging foul on the offense, one of the most disputed and difficult-to-call plays in the game.Great. More of this.
    • NBA eyes more review for blocks, charges

      The NBA's competition committee is recommending an expansion of instant replay to include block/charge calls in late-game situations. This marks the first time the league is considering using replay to examine judgment calls by the referees.
      Source: ESPN.com

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