• NBA makes Gibson foul on LeBron a flagrant

    Summary of 6 articles · Updated Apr 3, 2013
    Neither of those plays was called a flagrant, although Gibson's was reviewed. Gibson caught James across the neck and shoulder on a play in the fourth quarter, and James said after the game that he didn't consider Gibson's foul to be a basketball play. "I just did a basic rotation," Gibson said. Gibson said the injury felt similar to the sprained MCL that caused him to miss 10 games recently. The Miami Heat, sans LeBron James and Dwyane Wade celebrate their win The league, which in November levied a $250,...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Bulls' Gibson reinjures left knee, MRI next

      The Bulls' Taj Gibson reinjured his left knee Tuesday against the Wizards.
      Sources: ESPN.com nba.com
    • Miami Heat grab a pair of off-court wins: Taj Gibson is awarded a flagrant foul, and no fine for sitting stars

      The NBA has put its foot down, and the league is taking no mess. The Miami Heat sat both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with relatively minor injuries on Sunday night, denying a national TV audience the chance to see a potential NBA Finals preview against…
      Source: yahoo.com
  • Taj Gibson blames his most recent knee strain on his ‘rush back’ to action, as Chicago limps around

    If you’ve followed my coverage from afar of the Chicago Bulls through the years, you know where this is going. The team has a well-earned reputation for allowing players to come back from injury whenever they want. And in the case of seemingly everyone
    Source: yahoo.com

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