• NBA mock draft 2013: The final picks for the Phoenix Suns

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Jun 29, 2013
    The Phoenix Suns just might move down in the 2013 draft. Alex Len, not long ago tabbed as a potential surprise No. 1 pick, fell to the Phoenix Suns at the fifth pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. So it might be smart for the Suns to see what else they can pick up there’s no point in hanging to No. 5 if what’s there is the same as what’s at No. 10 or so. Kings have had one conversation about moving up, with Phoenix at No. 5. Len’s upside is legitimately equal to or better than Noel’s, as Mike Schmitz of Draft Express told us in our Monday Google+ show, and the pick gives the Suns a chance to move Marcin Gortat via a trade. “I was doing it for like three years and my high school coach told me in the gym – the gymnastics gym – he took me to a basketball gym and gave me a ball and said, ‘Shoot it.’ I shot it and made it.
    • The risk of Alex Len and his future with the Suns

      PHOENIX – Judging or grading the draft the night of doesn’t lead to any sort of accuracy. Many Phoenix Suns fans were disapproving of the Alex Len pick at No. 5. It certainly wasn’t the...
    • VotS live: Phoenix Suns 2013 NBA Draft review

      Join us to talk about the Phoenix Suns’ draft picks.
    • NBA trade rumors: Kings another option to take Suns’ 5th pick

      The Phoenix Suns just might move down in the 2013 draft. A number of teams are hoping to move into the top-5, odd considering the supposed lack of star power in this class. So it might be smart for...

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