• NFL admits Jets should have been flagged for field goal push

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Oct 27, 2013
    Belichick complained after his own team was flagged for breaking the field goal push rule last week against the Jets that the Jets had violated the same rule and hadn’t been flagged for it. On that video it was explained that Coples should have been flagged on the play. So why were the Patriots flagged and the Jets weren’t? It’s likely a simple matter of New England’s Chris Jones executing a blatant push right in front of umpire Tony Michalek, while Coples pulled off his push more subtly, and in the middl...
    • NFL says Jets should've been flagged for 'Push,' too: report

      The NFL has made it known that the controversial Push Rule that saved the Jets last week and helped them defeat the Patriots in overtime will be called more often if teams continue to violate the rule, and admitted that the Jets should have been called …

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