• NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has a low approval rating among NFL players

    Summary of 8 articles · Updated Jan 29, 2013
    NEW ORLEANS • This should be a great Super Bowl for everyone except NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. But that's not what it's about. It's about money. Who hired Roger Goodell?" Goodell is less popular among players already in the league. "We need to continually work to make our game better for the fans," Goodell said. Goodell was criticized by some for not giving specific answers to some questions, but did provide some news when he shared his feelings on topics like the Pro Bowl after Sunday's game and the...
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    • Bernie: Goodell is target for critics

      New Orleans is excited to have the Super Bowl again, but after Bountygate, the good feeling doesn’t extend to the NFL commissioner.
      Source: stltoday.com
    • Goodell: Pro Bowl play improved from last year

      HONOLULU (AP) At least one key NFL executive thinks play improved at the Pro Bowl this year: Commissioner Roger Goodell.
    • Roger Goodell not welcome at several New Orleans bars

      Despite an appeal from Saints head coach Sean Payton to give commissioner Roger Goodell a warm welcome, the city of New Orleans is still holding a grudge over Bountygate. According to Tim Graham of the Buffalo News, at least one local bar is taking an a…
    • Goodell noticed “improved quality” of Pro Bowl

      In the latest sign that the Super Bowl promotional blitz encompasses every nook and cranny of the cultural world, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is answering questions on Reddit on Monday afternoon. Goodell has fielded queries on a variety of topics, fr…
  • Roger Goodell’s AMA had some news, a lot of trolling and an answer that began ‘I notice there are a lot of questions on sock

    Roger Goodell met the public on Monday afternoon, with a mix of news from Goodell, rage from fans and general weirdness. One of the top ranked comments was from "New_Orleans_Saints" simply linking to a gif that showed Danny DeVito flipping off…
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  • Saints Won’t Get Back 2013 Second-Round Pick

    NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has made several concessions in the Saints bounty penalties, but giving the team back its second round pick in this year’s NFL draft won’t be among them, Terrance Harris of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports. During
    Source: saintsgab.com

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