• NFL exec: Union to blame for HGH policy holdup

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Feb 22, 2013
    On Tuesday, the union said in a conference call that it favors HGH testing but only with a strong appeal process. That’s a long way of saying the league and union continue to kick the HGH can down parallel roads, which don’t appear to be intersecting any time soon. Birch said the players' primary objection to the testing has moved from an insistence on a population study to concerns with an appeals process and that the union has tried to raise issues not connected to HGH testing. Birch contended that the ...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • NFL accuses NFLPA of stalling on HGH testing

      Earlier this week, NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth complained about the lack of progress on the HGH testing issue that the players and the league seemingly agreed to already, saying the league was trying to force a test with no appeal on them. The le…

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