• NFL executive: Roger Goodell is as upset as anyone about bad calls

    Summary of 7 articles · Updated Sep 28, 2012
    If NFL fans think Commissioner Roger Goodell is aloof about the bad calls that replacement officials have been making, one NFL executive says those fans should think again. According to ESPN’s Rachel Nichols, a league source she described as “an NFL executive who’s close to Goodell” confirmed that Goodell has personally been very upset to see missed calls by the officials working while the regular refs are locked out. It hasn’t been positive,” Goodell said. Some have suggested that Commissioner Roger Good...
    • Commissioner Roger Goodell sends note to NFL fans

      Roger Goodell stresses his most important job is to improve the game
      Source: nola.com
    • NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell sends email to fans, tries to explain officiating debacles

      With an eight-year labor agreement with the NFLRA in place and ready for ratification by a 51 percent vote by the 121 officials, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took a moment on Friday to email NFL fans to express "regret" about not being able …
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Roger Goodell “certain” that regular refs are “ready to go”

      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says there’s no doubt in his mind that, less than 24 hours after the lockout of the referees ended, the officials will be ready to perform at a high level tonight in Baltimore. “I’m certain that they’re in shape and
    • Goodell: “We’re sorry to have to put our fans through that”

      NFL commissioner Roger Goodell emphasized in a conference call with the national media Thursday that the short-term pain of replacement officials was worth the long-term gain of an eight-year deal with the NFLRA, while noting: “We’re sorry to have to
    • Roger Goodell, NFL put fans before the league's 'shield' in order to reach deal

      The fans have as much to do with making this deal as the commissioner or the union or the lawyers. They didn’t have to give up their seats to do it, they didn’t have to threaten merchandise boycotts or boycott games. They just yelled their heads off a
  • Goodell deserves a raise, not ridicule

    Some have suggested that Commissioner Roger Goodell’s handling of the officials lockout should result in the termination of his employment.  The more accurate position is that he should get a raise. Though Goodell is the ultimate steward of the sport,

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