• NFL wants $16.6 million for M.I.A.’s middle finger

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Mar 18, 2014
    That was like saying "We're No. 1," but WITH A DIFFERENT FINGER. offered up a brief middle finger during her performance. No one forced her to fire off a middle finger during the performance, and NBC had no reason to believe she would do something like that, especially after signing a contract requiring her to pay $1.5 million if she did something like that. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the NFL now wants more. A lot more. Above and beyond the $1.5 million, the league wants another $15.1 million as...
  • NFL now demanding another $15.5 million from M.I.A. for halftime-show middle finger

    The NFL's halftime shows are generally attempts at serious entertainment that devolve into absurdity, so it's perfectly fitting that the NFL is attempting a serious lawsuit that is, in truth, absolutely ridiculous. More than two years ago, during Madonn…
    Source: yahoo.com

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