• NFLN survey/feared player: Seahawks

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    Source: ESPN.com
    • NFLN survey/most feared: Steelers

      A pair of Detroit Lions topped the list of the NFL’s most feared player following a league-wide survey in which more than 320 players participated. Defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh received 61 votes to edge wide receiver Calvin Johnson (58), according to …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • NFLN survey/feared player: Browns

      Don’t expect the Cleveland Browns to join the chorus about Ndamukong Suh being the NFL’s most feared player. Several Browns shrugged at the thought of Suh being “feared.” Though he received three votes from the Browns, more than three said Suh’s extracu…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • NFLN survey/feared player: Bengals

    CINCINNATI -- Maybe it's the dark visor that completely shields his eyes. Or maybe it's his knack for punishing running backs with the types of hard tackles that makes them slowly pull themselves up off the turf. Whatever it is, something about Cincinna…
    Source: ESPN.com
  • NFLN survey/feared player: Ravens

    If players were asked 10 years ago to name the "most feared player" in the NFL, Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis would've won. If you asked that question a couple of years ago, I'm sure some would've said linebacker Terrell Suggs. Even la…
    Source: ESPN.com
  • NFLN survey/feared player: 49ers

    This makes sense. Patrick Willis is one of the most-feared players in the NFL. Even a causal NFL observer can tell you the San Francisco 49ers inside linebacker is a viscous playmaker on the field. His peers feel the same way. In a confidential survey o…
    Source: ESPN.com

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