• NFLPA still trying to challenge Goodell’s discipline power

    Summary of 14 articles · Updated Feb 2, 2013
    Being in New Orleans has made the NFLPA a little salty about the power NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wields over player discipline, and union officials say they want to try to challenge Goodell’s authority. The league considers Goodell’s power to discipline players a closed case, but it’s obvious the union doesn’t believe that. “The reason we’re not returning any of the draft choices or reversing any of the discipline is because it occurred,” Goodell said. During his state of the league press conference Friday, Commissioner Roger Goodell made multiple references to the fact the NFLPA did not mention to him their request for a Chief Safety Officer to be appointed by the league, something executive director DeMaurice Smith mentioned Thursday during his press conference. I've always hated that expression - as do, I imagine, many of the most strong-willed people inside and outside the Saints' organization who still feel like they were never treated fairly by Goodell and the league. "I think it was about four years ago at this very press conference, I said, ‘We have to take these hits out of the game that we think have a higher risk of causing injuries.’ The focus was on defensive players, and I stand by our record because I think we have made those changes and made the game safer.
    • Roger Goodell responds to critics of NFL's discipline

      Throughout Super Bowl week, players have been asked to comment on the NFL’s disciplinary system and the attempt by the commissioner’s office to reduce the violent hits that most often lead to injuries. Most of them have been critical of the league’s
    • Roger Goodell's stance on hits is on the money

      Ron Cook: NFL commissioner makes annual State of the NFL address
    • Goodell: Safety everyone's role

      Times wires Friday, February 1, 2013 NEW ORLEANS - Commissioner Roger Goodell wants to share the blame. "Safety," he said at his annual Super Bowl news conference Friday, "is all of our responsibilities." With thousands of ex-players suing the league ov
      Source: tampabay.com
    • Roger Goodell, New Orleans Saints will have to agree to disagree in lingering bounty debate

      Goodell's stance on Saints bounty investigation remains as firm Friday as it was 11 months ago
      Source: nola.com
    • Roger Goodell says he feels welcome in New Orleans for Super Bowl 2013

      Commissioner stands by his belief the Saints conducted a pay-to-injure program for three seasons
      Source: nola.com
    • At least 10 restaurants in New Orleans aren’t willing to serve Roger Goodell this week

      Hanging a man in effigy is one thing, but denying him access to the full spread of your city's famous culinary offerings? Well, that's just downright cold, New Orleans. No matter whether it damages the upstanding rep of Southern hospitality, there are a…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Goodell stands by Saints’ penalties

      Ten months ago, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he would consider “modifying” the Saints’ bounty discipline with respect to the 2013 second-round draft pick he revoked. But Goodell now says there will be no such modification. At his annual “St
    • Goodell said things NFLPA asking for were news to him

      In case you wonder why the NFL and NFLPA have a hard time making progress on several issues, the answer might be as simple as a failure to communicate. During his state of the league press conference Friday, Commissioner Roger Goodell made multiple refe…
    • Goodell should care more about 'Redskins'

      NEW ORLEANS -- Regardless of whether it's a big deal in Washington, the issue of the Washington Redskins' controversial team nickname does not appear to be a concern of the NFL's. Commissioner Roger Goodell took a question on the topic from Washington P…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Goodell: Saints fans innocent

      NEW ORLEANS -- The lightest moment of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell’s Friday news conference might have come when he was asked about the welcome he is receiving in a city where he’s Public Enemy No. 1. “I couldn’t feel more welcome here," Goodell
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Roger Goodell says suspensions will get through to repeat offenders

      NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is not backing down from his stance that players who repeatedly hit opponents in the head deserve to be suspended. In fact, Goodell indicated that more suspensions could be coming as discipline escalates in the future. “We
  • Goodell optimistic that Rams stadium issues will be resolved

    NEW ORLEANS _ As the Rams and the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission await an arbitration decision on stadium improvements, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell expressed optimism that the…
    Source: stltoday.com
  • Commissioner Roger Goodell responds to question on Dallas Cowboys NT Jay Ratliff by saying league must, “do a better job of ed

    Commissioner Roger Goodell said in his Friday press conference that the NFL must do a better job of educating its players on the dangers of drunk driving and the services available to avoid getting into the car. His comment was in response to a question…

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