• No land rush for Josh Freeman, yet

    Summary of 46 articles · Updated Oct 10, 2013
    Josh Freeman has picked a team. Which means that the Vikings didn’t sign Freeman with a plan to pay him not to play. The Minnesota Vikings won't be in a rush to make Josh Freeman their starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers, but coach Leslie Frazier said Freeman will get a chance to compete for the job once he's up to speed on the team's offense. Per Silver, Freeman isn’t interested in the 49ers, because Freeman wants to play. What's the rush? Well, reading between the lines ...
    • Freeman’s official salary: $2,000,001

      There was plenty of confusion regarding the value of the 12-week contract signed by quarterback Josh Freeman. As others reported in the land rush to placate editors and/or producers after not breaking the news that Freeman had signed with the Vikings, F…
    • Freeman moves ahead in first day with Vikings

      Josh Freeman said hello to his new team, while coach Leslie Frazier put off naming his starting QB.
    • Vikings officially sign Josh Freeman, release McLeod Bethel-Thompson

      The last bit of paperwork has been done and Josh Freeman is officially a member of the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings officially added Freeman to the 53-man roster on Tuesday. They waived quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson to clear space for Freeman. Be…
    • Vikings waive McLeod Bethel-Thompson

      If he clears waivers, the Vikings would love to retain McLeod Bethel-Thompson on the practice squad so they can continue to develop him.
    • How Freeman will fare in Minnesota

      The MMQB's Peter king takes a look at the Minnesota Vikings' signing of former Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • History says Vikings should temper expectations for Josh Freeman

      Josh Freeman is the latest QB to change teams midseason. History says we should temper expectations.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Vikings view Freeman acquisition as no-lose proposition

      The NFL has two types of teams — those with franchise quarterbacks and those who are looking for franchise quarterbacks. The Vikings’ decision to sign Josh Freeman tells us they are searching for a franchise quarterback. Which means they didn’t already …
    • Freeman arrives: 'I'm 'fired up'

      Quarterback Josh Freeman and general manager Rick Spielman talked about the one-year deal that brought Freeman to the Vikings.
    • Rand: 5 reasons Freeman makes sense for Vikings

      Michael Rand talks about why the Vikings signing free-agent quarterback Josh Freeman makes sense.
    • Ponder's, Freeman's fates blown by drafts

      MINNEAPOLIS -- When Josh Freeman was coming out of Kansas State before the 2009 draft, he had caught Minnesota Vikings general manager Rick Spielman's eye. The team did not have Brett Favre in the fold yet, and Spielman was intrigued by much of what Fre…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Minnesota’s Man?: Josh Freeman arrives in Minnesota determined to p…

      Josh Freeman arrives in Minnesota determined to prove he can still be a starter. (J. Meric/Getty Images) Imagine if the 2009 draft had gone differently. Minnesota Vikings personnel czar Rick Spielman and coach Brad Childress met with quarterback Josh Fr…
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • N.F.L. Roundup: Freeman’s Signing Gives the Vikings Multiple Quarterbacks and Multiple Questions

      Minnesota quarterback Christian Ponder is still the starter if he is healthy, but Josh Freeman’s arrival may lead to changes as the season continues.
    • Freeman adds to Vikings' cluster of QB candidates

      Josh Freeman joined the Vikings’ QB mix, which relaunched questions about Christian Ponder’s future.
    • Marrone: Freeman was an early consideration

      The Bills after an extensive look at a number of possibly quarterback replacements on the free agent market determined that Thad Lewis was their best option at starting quarterback. Head coach Doug Marrone shed some light on some of the other considerat…
    • Freeman to vie for Vikes' job; to sit Sunday

      The Vikings won't be in a rush to make Josh Freeman their starting quarterback for Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers, but coach Leslie Frazier said Freeman will get a chance to compete for the job once he's up to speed on the team's offense.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Freeman contract doesn’t prevent use of franchise tag

      New Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman didn’t want to sign anything more than a one-year deal, because he wants to hit the open market again in March. But the Vikings have the ability to keep Freeman beyond 2013, if they so choose. Per a source with knowl…
    • Vikings Sign Josh Freeman

      Despite apparent interest from the Raiders, among other teams, Josh Freeman has decided to sign with the Vikings for $3 million. This is not a vote of confidence for Christian Ponder.Read more...
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Freeman signing means Ponder is on notice

      MINNEAPOLIS -- We'll begin by allowing a moment for the scenario that doesn't signal a dramatic shift at the quarterback position is coming for the Minnesota Vikings. Christian Ponder has a broken rib, and Josh Freeman could be here to add depth to the …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • BREAKING: Josh Freeman signs one year deal

      According to Ian Rapoport of NFL.com/Network Freeman has signed a one year deal with our Minnesota Vikings for $3 million – a similar figure to Cassel’s salary. It is slightly higher. Considering how quickly he will have to pick up the playbook to make …
    • League will move forward with Freeman investigation, too

      Earlier today, we pointed out that the NFLPA intends to continue its investigation into leaks of confidential information regarding quarterback Josh Freeman. Per a league source, the NFL plans to proceed, as well. Specifically, the league will schedule …
    • NFLPA pushing forward with Freeman leak investigation

      Even though the Buccaneers ultimately gave quarterback Josh Freeman what he wanted, the NFLPA continues to want answers. Per a league source, the union still wants to get to the bottom of the manner in which a stream of negative reports about Freeman bu…
    • Report: Freeman, Allen have talked

      Free agent quarterback Josh Freeman reportedly has talked to Raiders coach Dennis Allen, is intrigued by the possibility of playing right away and is considering Oakland along with Minnesota as a landing spot after being released by the Tampa Bay Buccan…
    • Report: Niners interested in Freeman

      Well, it looks like the 49ers have another quarterback to “evaluate.” A year after pursuing Peyton Manning but then insisting they merely “evaluated” him, the 49ers reportedly are interested in (i.e., evaluating) Josh Freeman, according to Michael Silve…
    • Notes: 49ers reach out to Josh Freeman

      SAN FRANCISCO -- The NFL Network reported the San Francisco 49ers are among one of the teams that reached out to quarterback Josh Freeman. This is not surprising. If Freeman is determined to start right away, this is not the place for him. But if he wan…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Freeman tells Glazer a decision is coming tonight

      As we surmised earlier today (correctly for a change), quarterback Josh Freeman will make a decision about his next destination after Sunday’s game end. Jay Glazer of FOX said he spoke to Freeman on Saturday night, and Freeman said that he wants to see …
    • Freeman’s situation still firmly in flux

      As everyone tries to get ahead of the curve regarding the next arc in Josh Freeman’s career, the truth is that hard facts are difficult to come by. Here’s what we currently believe. It’s not “reporting” per se. But we’re confident that it’s accurate, ba…
    • Report: Raiders have “definite interest” in Freeman

      We’ve been keeping an eye on the Raiders when it comes to Josh Freeman, for a variety of reasons. First, the current regime has whiffed twice on quarterback acquisitions. Second, Raiders offensive coordinator Greg Olson recently has raved about Freeman;…
    • Freeman shares special season with his MVP

      Freddie Freeman is grateful for the time spent with his father this postseason in a year for the Braves' first baseman that could end with both a World Series title and a top-five finish in balloting for the National League MVP Award.
      Source: MLB.com
    • Keep an eye on Raiders, Packers, Jags as potential Freeman destination

      If teams are interested in quarterback Josh Freeman, all (or at least most) leaks have been plugged. For now. And it makes sense. As we’ve previously explained, teams with a starter on shaky ground invite only trouble if they let it be known they want F…
  • Reading the tea leaves on Vikings QBs

    EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn. -- The Vikings still don't plan to put Josh Freeman on the field this weekend against the Carolina Panthers, and while Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel vie for the starting job on Sunday, Freeman will be getting up to speed on the te…
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Freeman’s actual pay: $2 million

    In the race to get the latest information, reporters covering the NFL all too often tweet first and ask questions later. (Author included.) In the case of quarterback Josh Freeman, ongoing reports that he’ll be paid $3 million were incorrect. Per a leag…
  • Time to move on from distractions

    TAMPA, Fla. -- In just a little bit, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will practice for the first time since having four days off for the bye. More importantly, the team will be operating without a major distraction for the first time in recent memory. Josh Fre…
    Source: ESPN.com

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