• Patriots’ Danny Amendola said to be progressing well

    Summary of 14 articles · Updated Sep 29, 2013
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    • Parents group offers Patriots raffle

      The King Philip Parents’ Network is holding a membership drive, with forms — and a $20 dues payment — that are returned by Nov. 30 entered into a raffle for a New England Patriots package for four, including a Gillette Stadium tour, as well as other pri…
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    • Aqib Talib has come of age in the Patriots’ secondary

      FOXBOROUGH — The Patriots searched for a No. 1 cornerback for four more than four years after watching Asante Samuel sign a big-money deal with the Eagles in 2008, until acquiring Aqib Talib via trade last November.
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    • Patriots Rob Gronkowski and Danny Amedola may play Sunday

      Tight end Rob Gronkowski (back) and receiver Danny Amendola (groin) are officially listed as questionable for Sunday night’s showdown against the Falcons at Atlanta.
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    • Vince Wilfork feeling ‘fine’, excited about direction of Patriots’ defense

      FOXBOROUGH — He’s played in every game since the start of the 2010 season, has missed just six out of 147 games in his 10-year career, and in the last few years has played a high number of snaps for a defensive tackle.
      Source: boston.com

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