• Peter King: Flacco, Brady on opposite ends of QB contract spectrum

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Mar 4, 2013
    “No, no, no,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft told Peter King of Sports Illustrated regarding the possibility of another new contract.  “This is a real deal.  Look at our track record.  We don’t do fake deals.  Instead of earning $30 million over the next two years, Brady will be getting $30 million right now, along with an extra $3 million.  I just didn't want to ever see this become like Joe Montana leaving San Francisco, Emmitt Smith leaving Dallas, Brett Favre leaving Green Bay, Peyton Manning leaving Ind...
    Source: CNNSI.com
  • Robert Kraft says Tom Brady's new contract is a 'real deal'

    Patriots owner Robert Kraft answered questions about Tom Brady's new deal.
    Source: boston.com
    • Kraft insists Brady deal won’t be re-done

      The backlash surely was stronger than the Patriots and quarterback Tom Brady had anticipated.  Via carefully leaked partial details, Brady’s new contract was sold as a team-first gesture by a player who had opted to take less. Initially, it worked.  T

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