• Peyton Manning will not come to your wedding, but thanks for asking

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Dec 3, 2013
    It’s a good idea to invite a franchise quarterback to your wedding. Observer of proper wedding etiquette. And no, "an autograph from Peyton Manning" doesn't count. Also, hope Peyton realizes this doesn't relieve him of an obligation to get the happy couple a gift. One of these days, a player is actually going to show up at one of these things our money's on Richard Sherman and that's going to be an absolute delight to see.
    Source: yahoo.com
    • Peyton Manning personally responds to wedding invitation

      It’s a bad idea while otherwise at work to ask a franchise quarterback to pose for a picture. It’s a good idea to invite a franchise quarterback to your wedding. Via multiple reports, the bride’s sister posted a photo of the response online, in which Ma…
    • Peyton responds to fan's wedding invitation

      Peyton Manning took the time to fill out the RSVP card from a woman's wedding invitation, checking the box that he'd have to "regretfully decline."
      Source: ESPN.com
  • If You Want An Athlete's Autograph, Invite Them To Your Wedding

    Here's an RSVP posted on Reddit this morning, in which Peyton Manning regretfully declined to attend a fan's wedding. Such a polite young man!Read more...
    Source: deadspin.com

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