• Phil Sheridan: Eagles' quarterback Vick not looking new or improved

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    So it was well known in 2011 that Vick would have to do enough that year and this year to get the Eagles to keep him next year.  After Vick threw four interceptions in the opener, it would appear that Vick still has plenty of work to do. You're not going to read much more here about Michael Vick, because Vick's four-interception performance last Sunday has been analyzed to death. Vick's slow-motion, out-of-sync, four-interception performance against a rookie quarterback making his first NFL start nearly gave away an opener the Eagles were favored to win by more than a touchdown; it was enough to make one pine for the Donovan McNabb era. Well, almost. Everyone says 8-8 is not "adequate" this year, but how about doing something about all those turnovers and stupid penalties caused from a lack of discipline? Who'da thought Juan Castillo's defense and Chas Henry's punting would help save the day? Time to go to Foles.
    • Ravens, Eagles battling late in the fourth quarter

      Michael Vick and the Eagles barely survived a Week 1 slugfest. Their reward in Week 2? A visit from Ray Lewis and the hard-hitting Ravens. In the fourth quarter, Baltimore leads 20-17.
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    • To get most out of Vick, Reid may have to bench him

      In the wake of Sunday’s 56-pass performance from the Eagles in Cleveland, the light bulb flickered. With owner Jeffrey Lurie leaning publicly on coach Andy Reid to get better this year or get lost, the pressure potentially pushed Reid away from the runn
    • From the Eagles, the anatomy of an interception

      There was the interception that Michael Vick threw across his body and the off-balance, sidearm pass that deflected off Jeremy Maclin's hands. There was the one when Vick tried to locate the ball between two defenders and the one when he couldn't circum…
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    • Like Michael Vick, defensive solutions for Ravens are elusive

      Ravens could choose to 'spy' on Eagles QB or stick with their base 3-4 alignmentRavens middle linebacker Ray Lewis' mind is bound to race wildly today, consumed with deducing the moves of unpredictable, enigmatic and gifted Philadelphia Eagles quarterba…
    • Vick says critics of his passing don’t know what they’re talking about

      Before the season started, one of the big questions in Philadelphia was whether Michael Vick had learned to be the kind of pocket passer that the Eagles’ coaches want him to be. After Vick threw four interceptions in the opener, it would appear that Vic
    • Les Bowen: Eagles can't make mistakes against Ravens defense

      MARTY Mornhinweg had the mop and broom out Thursday. "We've got to clean an awful lot of things up," the Eagles' offensive coordinator said. "Much more to clean up after the first game than I certainly ever expected, at, really, all positions."
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    • Tyrod Taylor gives the Ravens defense his best Vick impersonation

      From the distinctive Virginia drawl of his cadence to dashing out of the pocket and rocketing throws on the run, Tyrod Taylor is performing his best imitation this week of Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.
    • Game 1 criticism not getting to Eagles' Vick

      MICHAEL VICK did not lunge for the TV remote to try to avoid NFL coverage the past few days, in the aftermath of his four-interception performance in the Eagles' season-opening victory over the Browns.
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    • Phil Sheridan: On which path will Vick take the Eagles?

      Every NFL schedule includes significant crossroads games, although they often are obvious only when viewed through the rearview mirror. In the case of the Eagles' home opener Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens, the crossroads is plain to see through th…
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    • To be or not to be (careful); Michael Vick changes his mind again

      Maybe the reason Michael Vick looked so bad last week against Cleveland stems from the fact he doesn’t quite know what he’s trying to accomplish. After saying earlier this offseason he had to try to avoid so many hits in hopes of staying healthy, the
    • Rich Hofmann: For Eagles' Vick, future is in pass

      GAME 3, 1990 season. Yes, this is a visit to the way-back machine. The Eagles had a new offensive coordinator that season, a fellow named Rich Kotite. Little did we know what would happen in the future, but people on the inside could not help but read t…
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    • Paul Domowitch: Eagles' Reid might be doomed if Vick stays healthy

      THOSE OF YOU who are eager to see Andy Reid become the former head coach of the Eagles might be wise to root for Michael Vick to be the picture of health this season.
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    • Vick's turnover woes becoming costly trend

      Of all the troublesome Week 1 developments in the NFL, none have the potential to prove more costly to a team's 2012's plans than the reappearance of a turnover-prone Michael Vick in Philadelphia. The Vick who showed up in Cleveland on Sunday is the one…
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    • Inside the Eagles: For Vick, the hits just keep on coming

      After one game it's fair to wonder which Michael Vick will pave the way for Nick Foles to play in his first career NFL game:
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    • Bob Ford: For a struggling Vick, there's no place like road

      In the end it was all funny, of course, and the Eagles could joke about how close they came to a season-opening loss to the Cleveland Browns. They laughed in the same way that airline passengers do after a very turbulent flight ends safely. Heh, heh. Th…
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    • Eagles coach Andy Reid deflects criticism of Michael Vick

      On the day after Michael Vick's four-interception game, Eagles coach Andy Reid explained why LeSean McCoy wasn't more involved in the offense, discussed the perils of turning the ball over, and detailed how interceptions are not entirely the fault of th…
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    • Andy Reid takes the heat for Michael Vick’s picks

      Eagles quarterback Michael Vick felt like he let his teammates down when he threw four interceptions on Sunday, but Eagles coach Andy Reid says it’s not just on Vick. “Offensively, turnovers, turnovers, turnovers. You just can’t have those and I wou
    • Reid defends Vick after 4-pick effort in win

      Philadelphia Eagles coach Andy Reid on Monday defended quarterback Michael Vick after his four interception performance Sunday, saying his team's disappointing offensive display in the opening win "wasn't a one-man show."
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    • Fans: Vick, offense fail to make grade

      Join the conversation after every Eagles game with the Daily News. Send reactions by email to: ; use the hashtag #eaglesaftermath on Twitter; or visit the Daily News Facebook page and leave a comment. A sampling after Sunday's Eagles win:
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    • Vick lucky there wasn't a 5th pick

      Here are some observations and ruminations about the Eagles' victory over the Browns: CLEVELAND - Let's face it, the Eagles had no right winning Sunday's game at Cleveland.
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    • Eagles survive Vick's four-pick game

      CLEVELAND - Michael Vick tied the black do-rag behind his neck, parked the white headphones on his forehead, and grasped the handle of his rolling carry-on. The Eagles quarterback was more than ready to leave Cleveland Browns Stadium Sunday evening, wit…
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    • Vick sensed doubt before leading Eagles on 91-yard game-winning drive

      After Eagles quarterback Mike Vick threw a pick-six to put the Eagles down by six late in Sunday’s game against the Browns, he sensed trouble in the huddle. “My teammates, they had that sudden look in their eyes as if they were wondering what was wron
    • Michael Vick admits he was 'hanging my head' before leading Eagles' winning drive vs. Cleveland Browns

      Michael Vick battled through four interceptions -- and nearly a fifth one play before the game-winning touchdown pass -- to lead Philadelphia to victory.
      Source: cleveland.com
  • Lurie put too much pressure on Reid, Vick

    When Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie made it clear that coach Andy Reid is on the hot seat, Lurie applied pressure to the entire team. And no player is under more pressure than quarterback Mike Vick, who has a $16.5 million salary in 2013 riding on Reid retu…
  • Sam Donnellon: Eagles coach Andy Reid showing a more forthcoming side

    ONCE WHEN Jim Fregosi managed the Phillies, a colleague was sent to cover a weekend series in Montreal. Fregosi liked to give the business to any new face, and he did, but after he was done the unflustered reporter looked him in the eye and said, "…
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  • Linebackers generate turnovers

    The Cleveland Browns linebackers combined for three of the team’s four interceptions against Philadelphia quarterback Michael Vick on Sunday afternoon.

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