• Philip Rivers: The long and short

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    Rivers has done well against the Broncos in his career. Philip Rivers has long been known as one of the NFL’s premier long-ball passers. “I think some of these games the safeties are about 30 yards deep,” Rivers told reporters. Rivers had at least one win against each of the previous six and had two wins in season sweeps in 2010 , 2007 and 2006 . Over those previous six years, the Broncos have tried a variety of things, including 3-4 looks on defense, 4-3 looks, aggressive rush packages and dropping more ...
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Champ Bailey: Philip Rivers has earned right to talk trash

    Back in 2007, Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers earned the ire of Broncos cornerback Champ Bailey after Rivers engaged in trash talk with then-Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler during a Chargers win. After the game, Bailey called Rivers “classless” and
    • Philip Rivers looks to beat yet another Broncos defensive coordinator

      In Philip Rivers' seventh year as the Chargers starting quarterback, Jack Del Rio will be seventh defensive coordinator for the Broncos to try to slow him down.
    • How Rivers has grown on Bailey

      About five years ago or so, Champ Bailey let it be known. He did not like Philip Rivers. The young San Diego quarterback was lippy and he famously feuded with then-Denver quarterback Jay Cutler. Having his teammate’s back, Bailey was open about his disd
      Source: ESPN.com

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