• Phillies to re-sign veteran Ruiz, sources say

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Nov 19, 2013
    On Monday, a source confirmed multiple reports the Phillies and Ruiz have agreed to a three-year, $26 million deal. Of course, $26 million always seems like a lot of money, and Ruiz is getting older, but also consider: Ruiz becomes the sixth player who will be at least 35 when spring training opens, and that number doesn't count Ryan Howard or Jonathan Papelbon . He also served a 25-game suspension for using Adderall, a banned stimulant, although FOXSports.com recently reported Ruiz has received a medical exemption for its use. ESPN.com reported the Red Sox had seriously pursued the veteran because of his game-calling capabilities. These transastions aren't necessarily bad on the face, but they're curious for a club coming off 89 losses that also wants to do a major trade so it can restructure the payroll of the entire roster.

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