• Police recover Jimmy Howard statue's stolen head; Pavel Datsyuk's still missing

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated May 1, 2014
    Datsyuk's was stolen last week. As part of its annual "April in the D" marketing campaign, six Detroit athletes were given statue treatment: Max Scherzer and Torii Hunter of the Tigers, Josh Smith and Andre Drummond of the Pistons, and Pavel Datsyuk and Jimmy Howard of the Red Wings. But over the last week, bandits have done two very uncool things, stealing the heads of Pavel Datsyuk and Jimmy Howard. But the police are on the case. On Thursday morning, Howard's head was swiped as well: “What’s disappointing is that these bobbleheads were supposed to be up for charitable auctions for the Boys & Girls Club of America after they were displayed in the city,” Greg Hammaren, the GM of FSD, told the Detroit News.
    Source: yahoo.com

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