• Rajon Rondo’s reaction to stat sheet says it all about Celtics’ blowout loss to Rockets (Video)

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Nov 20, 2013
    All you had to do was watch Rajon Rondo‘s reaction when he looks at the stat sheet. It was a trainwreck, and perhaps nothing summed that up better than the reaction of injured point guard Rajon Rondo after being handed a stat sheet detailing the damage while sitting on the Boston bench: We're not sure which stat struck Rondo that Boston missed nine shots and turned the ball over three times before its first make from the field, an Avery Bradley jumper more than five minutes into the game; that Houston had made eight of its first 10 shots in that same stretch; that Brad Stevens' team gave up 10 layups in the first quarter; that they trailed by 22 points after 12 minutes, and that it was only that close because three of Boston's seven made shots came from beyond the arc; that the C's missed more shots than the Rockets took in the first quarter; or something else but whichever one did clearly struck him forcefully. Even with pre-game hijinks featuring Clutch, the Rockets’ irascible mascot, Houston blew out the Celtics big in the first quarter last before cruising to a 109-85 victory. At that point, he knew he had to strap in and just ride this one out, and that couldn't have been easy.
    • Rajon Rondo Examines Stat Sheet, Does Not Like What He Sees

      The Celtics got trounced by the Rockets last night. I could reel off a bunch of stats that demonstrate just how bad of a beating they received, or I could just show you this clip of Rajon Rondo examining a stat sheet during the game. Read more...
      Source: deadspin.com

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