• Ravens likely will gamble with Flacco, again

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    On Monday, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco signed his contract.  Flacco helped the Ravens win a Super Bowl. Both players have lost four times, but Flacco has won nine games while Ryan has won only one. Since the news of Flacco’s new deal broke Friday night, many national reporters and analysts have pointed to Flacco’s game-tying touchdown pass in the playoff win over the Denver Broncos and said that Flacco would not be as rich as he is today had Broncos safety Rahim Moore not allowed Jacoby Jones to get in behind him. It looked, for awhile, like it might require the franchise tag to do so the non-exclusive tag, which would have prevented Flacco from negotiating with other teams, would have run Baltimore upwards of $19 million for 2013, with Flacco then potentially hitting free agency again in 2014. When Joe Flacco signed his monstrous, NFL-record deal last week, the reverberations shook the foundations of quite a few teams who just realized it's going to cost them a lot more to keep their franchise QBs. “That’s about all the celebration that I can take is kind of going out and enjoying a nice little time with the people that are close to me, and just kind of looking at each other saying, ‘Man, can you really believe where we are?’ We’ve done that so many times over the past month just looked at each other my dad, my wife and just shook our heads and laughed. Super Bowl champs.
    • The full Flacco deal

      On Monday, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco signed his contract.  On Tuesday, the full details have surfaced. Per a source with his knowledge of the contract, here are the terms: 1.  $29 million signing bonus. 2.  $1 million base salary in 2013. 3.  $15
    • Joe Flacco’s deal just drove up Matt Ryan’s future cost for the Atlanta Falcons

      When Joe Flacco signed his monstrous, NFL-record deal last week, the reverberations shook the foundations of quite a few teams who just realized it's going to cost them a lot more to keep their franchise QBs. Chief among those: the Atlanta Falcons, whos…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Breaking down Joe Flacco's $120.6 million contract

      Quarterback received $29 million signing bonus, $52 million in guaranteed money, $62 million in first three yearsNow that Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco's $120.6 million contract has been filed, here's a full breakdown of the deal that makes him the high…
    • Joe Flacco celebrates NFL’s largest contract with a McDonald’s visit, because of course he does

      Though it's hard for a guy who just signed the largest contract in NFL history (and has a lifetime supply of Gummy Bears) to portray himself as an Everyman, Joe Flacco is doing his best to seem like a normal Joe. Like going to McDonald's after inking a …
      Source: yahoo.com
    • Flacco deal gives Ravens plenty of options in 2013

      Instead of devoting nearly $15 million to quarterback Joe Flacco as the non-exclusive franchise player (and risking losing him) or more than $19 million as the exclusive franchise player, the new deal signed by Flacco counts for only $6.8 million agains…
    • Joe Flacco blames nerves for his “tackle Ted Ginn” idea

      Just before the final play of the Super Bowl, with the Ravens about to kick to the 49ers, Joe Flacco walked up and down the Baltimore sideline offering a strange suggestion to his teammates: If 49ers return man Ted Ginn breaks free, they should run off …
    • He's lovin' it: Flacco signs deal, hits McDonald's

      Joe Flacco's first meal after signing his record-breaking deal? A trip through the McDonald's drive-thru.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • As promised, Ravens tag no one else

      Plenty of teams try to sign an impending free agent to long-term contracts, so that the franchise tag can be used on someone else.  Ravens G.M. Ozzie Newsome had said last month that the Ravens wouldn’t be doing that, if they signed quarterback Joe Fla
    • Joe Flacco signs contract that makes him NFL's highest-paid player

      He will receive $29 million signing bonus, $52 million in guaranteed money
      Source: nola.com
    • Flacco says being NFL's highest paid player was never the goal

      Ravens quarterback officially signs six-year, $120.6 million dealJoe Flacco had just put his signature ona six-year contract that could pay him as much as $120.6 million and the NFL’s newly-minted highest paid player had big plans to celebrate.
    • Joe Flacco: I didn’t sign last year because I thought I was worth more

      Upon officially signing his six-year, $120.6 million contract with the Ravens today, quarterback Joe Flacco said the reason he didn’t accept the Ravens’ long-term contract offer before the season was simple: He didn’t think they were offering him en
    • Big contract fails to put pressure on Flacco

      OWINGS MILLS, Md. -- The conventional thinking is the pressure has been ratcheted up on quarterback Joe Flacco. How could it not? The Super Bowl MVP signed a six-year, $120.6 million deal Monday to become the highest paid player in NFL history. Not so, …
    • Flacco says he feels respected with new deal

      The Baltimore Ravens officially announced a six-year contract extension with quarterback Joe Flacco on Monday afternoon.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Matt Ryan should get Joe Flacco money

      As the full details of Joe Flacco's six-year, $120 million contract come spilling out over the next few days, a lot of people in Atlanta are going to be paying very close attention. Start with Falcons owner Arthur Blank. Throw in general manager Thomas …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • What's Joe Flacco's Record Deal Really Worth?

      Let's put this simply: Joe Flacco's six-year, $121-million contract is actually for three years and $62 million. More »
      Source: deadspin.com
    • More details emerge on Flacco deal

      While some questions remain regarding the Joe Flacco contract, plenty have been answered. It’s a six-year, $120.6 million contract.  We reported last night that Flacco will earn $51 million over the first two years and $62 million over the first three.
    • Flacco’s cap numbers stay low in 2013 and 2014

      Like Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco will have low cap numbers in the next two years. That’s where the similarities between their contracts end. Actually, Flacco’s cap number will be ridiculously low.  Peter King of Spor
    • Report: Flacco gets $52 million guaranteed

      When Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco signs his six-year, $120.6 million contract today, $52 million of that is guaranteed, according to a report in USA Today. The Super Bowl MVP will receive $51 million over the first two years of the deal and $…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Flacco deal done, signing tomorrow

      When word broke Friday night of a deal in principle between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco, agent Joe Linta issued a statement explaining that, if there are no issues with the language of the contract, Flacco would sign it. Per a source with know…
    • With Joe Flacco's deal done, Ravens will likely decline to use franchise tag

      Fluid salary-cap situation means Baltimore probably will not apply tag to Ed Reed, Kruger or EllerbeNow that quarterback Joe Flacco is poised to become the highest paid player in the NFL by virtue of a $120.6 million contract, the Ravens aren't expected…
    • NFL’s game of franchise tag ends Monday

      Before Friday, no players had been given the franchise tag.  On Friday, five found themselves on the receiving end of the designation that keeps them off the open market. Tagged are Bills safety Jairus Byrd, Bengals defensive end Michael Johnson, Colts …
    • Addressing risk factor of Flacco's contract

      Our friends at Pro Football Focus believe Joe Flacco's record-setting contract carries bust potential. It's an Insider article, so you'll need a subscription to read the entire post. Let's just address two of the issues presented: Pro Football Focus: Of…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Ultimately, Ravens got Flacco for seven years, $127.3 million

      When assessing the consequences of the gamble the Ravens lost (by winning the Super Bowl), it’s important to remember one thing. By not signing a new deal prior to the 2012 season, quarterback Joe Flacco played last year for $6.76 million. If, hypotheti
    • Preston: With Joe Flacco now 'elite,' Ravens can turn focus to others

      Now that the quarterback has agreed to terms on a new contract, the Ravens can look to re-sign their other free agentsNow that the quarterback has agreed to terms on a new contract, the Ravens can look to re-sign their other free agents
    • Linta: Flacco will be pleased with deal long term

      As PFT’s Mike Florio noted earlier on Saturday, the six-year agreement Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco has struck with the club could end up being an advantage for Baltimore, considering the compensation for highly regarded starting quarterbacks. Flaccoâ
    • Chris Burke: Flacco's fairy tale continues with record-setting deal

      The NFL's highest-paid player? It's about to be Joe Flacco. Baltimore's Super Bowl MVP reached a deal worth more than $120M. Now a new level of pressure awaits, says Chris Burke.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • A look at some Joe Flacco contract details

      As everyone has heard by now, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco became the NFL's highest-paid player when he agreed to a six-year, $120.6 million contract Friday. Here are more details about the record-setting deal that surfaced Saturday from the Baltimore …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • With Flacco deal done, no talks yet for next wave of quarterback contracts

      In the past five days, new deals have been done by two of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. So what about the next three who are widely presumed to be on deck? We’ve cast the net this morning and learned that there are no negotiations between Falcons qu
    • Joe Flacco: By the numbers

      Here are some featured statistics for Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco, who became the highest-paid NFL player on Friday: 0 -- Number of Pro Bowls for Flacco. Since he came into the league, 22 other quarterbacks have been named to the Pro Bowl. 1 -- Flacco…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Falcons cuts and Flacco deal make way for Matt Ryan

      In Atlanta and Baltimore, many tens of millions of dollars worth of deals happened Friday that had nothing to do with Matt Ryan. And everything at the same time. The Falcons quarterback benefitted directly from the $120.6 million deal agreed to by Raven…
    • Ravens looking to the future with Joe Flacco contract

      The Ravens' blockbuster $120.6 million contract with quarterback Joe Flacco is an arrangement banking on his future potential and not just how he engineered a Super Bowl victory.
    • Joe Flacco passes Drew Brees as NFL's highest-paid player

      Super Bowl-winning QB, Ravens agree to deal in excess of $120 million
      Sources: nola.com ESPN.com
    • Joe Flacco earned his history-making deal

      Remember when you made fun of Joe Flacco after he said he was the best quarterback in the NFL last April? Like so many times over the past two years, Flacco had the last laugh. Except this time, he's laughing all the way to the bank. Flacco became the h…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Flacco OKs Ravens' deal

      A person with knowledge of the deal tells The Associated Press Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco has agreed on a new contract with the Baltimore Ravens.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Devil will be in details of Flacco deal

      It’s been more than 30 minutes since the news broke of the deal negotiated between the Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco.  And there are no specifics yet on what Flacco will make. Adam Schefter of ESPN says that the deal is “expected” to make Flacc
    • Source: Ravens to make Flacco highest paid QB

      Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to a six-year contract worth $120.6 million that makes Flacco the highest paid player in NFL history, a source familar with deal told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Falcons' moves also about Matt Ryan

      I know there is a lot of talk from Atlanta Falcons fans about how the release of Michael Turner, John Abraham and Dunta Robinson could mean Atlanta is going after Dwight Freeney and Steven Jackson. That could happen because the Falcons suddenly have dec…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Flacco has Ravens free agents in a holding pattern

      Quarterback Joe Flacco is clearly the Ravens’ most important free agent, and at the moment, his negotiations is taking priority. While they’ve had talks with several of their other free agents, the lack of a resolution on Flacco’s contract (or tag)
    • Brady, Big Ben helping out Ravens

      The Baltimore Ravens could be getting help from two of their biggest rivals in the AFC, the New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. As ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter points out, the restructured quarterback contracts make it easier for Baltimore t…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Agent: Brady pact won't affect Flacco talks

      Joe Flacco's agent told USA Today Sports on Tuesday that Tom Brady's new deal with the Patriots will have "no impact" on his client's negotiations with the Baltimore Ravens.
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Flacco’s agent says Brady deal has “no impact whatsoever”

      There might be things complicating quarterback Joe Flacco’s negotiation with the Ravens. Tom Brady’s restructured contract with the Patriots is not one of them, according to Flacco’s agent. Brady re-did his contract for cash for him and cap relief f
    • Flacco talks could resume Tuesday

      As the football-following world tries to process the impact of Tom Brady’s new contract on future quarterback contracts, one of the most important quarterback contracts will continue to be negotiated as soon as today. Per a source with knowledge of the
    • Tom Brady's deal doesn't impact Joe Flacco

      Tom Brady signed a three-year, $27 million extension, a team-friendly deal that frees up much-needed salary-cap space for the New England Patriots. If Brady is taking less for the team, shouldn't the Ravens' Joe Flacco do the same? Absolutely not. The B…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • BBAO: Tom Brady impact in NFC North

      We're Black and Blue All Over: So the New England Patriots signed quarterback Tom Brady to a far-below market value contract extension Monday, a three-year deal worth $27 million. That annual average of $9 million is less than half what the New Orleans …
      Source: ESPN.com
    • Ravens shouldn't overreact when it's time to pay Flacco

      The Ravens are being smart and very cautious in their negotiations with star quarterback Joe Flacco.
    • Brady deal lowers Flacco’s exclusive franchise tender

      By helping themselves create space under the salary cap, the Patriots also helped one of their most bitter rivals.  A little. The new contract signed by quarterback Tom Brady will help make it cheaper for the Ravens to apply the exclusive level of the f…
    • A proposed Joe Flacco contract

      If the Ravens want to make Joe Flacco the highest paid quarterback in the NFL, and if Flacco is satisfied to barely clear the bar set last year by Saints quarterback Drew Brees, there’s a quick and easy way to get this contract done. Using Brees’ 2012
  • Wake-up: Flacco celebrates with McNuggets

    I know, I know. You're getting sick of all of the posts on Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco. Well, I couldn't resist this one for the wake-up call ... RAVENS: You just signed a contract that makes you the highest-paid player in the NFL. So, where do you go…
    Source: ESPN.com
  • Joe Flacco Continues To Be A Super Boring Dude

    Anyone who was under the impression that Joe Flacco's father was being overly harsh when he described his son as "dull" will be changing their minds after reading this tweet from CBS Sports' Will Brinson: More »
    Source: deadspin.com
  • John Harbaugh calls Flacco’s contract “very fitting”

    Way back in September, Ravens coach John Harbaugh made his feelings about quarterback Joe Flacco’s contract as plain as possible. “Pay him whatever he wants. Pay the man,” Harbaugh said after the Ravens’ season-opening 44-13 victory over the Benga
  • Joe Flacco's record contract puts agent Joe Linta in spotlight

    The low-key agent who negotiated the biggest deal in NFL history for Ravens QBThe low-key agent who negotiated the biggest deal in NFL history for Ravens QB
    • Linta confirms Flacco agreement in principle

      The Ravens have “reported” that they have struck an agreement in principle with quarterback Joe Flacco.  Now, Flacco’s agent has confirmed it. “While I was in flight earlier today, the Ravens verbally agreed to all of our terms,” Linta said in
    • Ravens “report” that they have Flacco “agreement in principle”

      The Ravens have addressed reports that they have an agreement in place with quarterback Joe Flacco. In a bizarre tweet from the team’s official account, the Ravens themselves that they “have an agreement in principle with QB Joe Flacco, via NFL source
  • Report: Flacco’s deal is worth more than $120 million over six years

    Agent Joe Linta wanted quarterback Joe Flacco to be the highest-paid quarterback in football. On the surface, Flacco will be. Per Adam Schefter of ESPN, the deal covers six year, with a payout in excess of $120 million. It’s unclear how much the deal wi
  • Flacco talks continue, described as 'amicable'

    Flacco's agent, Ravens vice president Pat Moriarty met in Indianapolis at the NFL scouting combineContract discussions between the Ravens and the agent for quarterback Joe Flacco remain active following an opening round of negotiations characterized as

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