• Ray Lewis appears on 'SNL Weekend Update'

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    Here's part of SNL's "Weekend Update" segment, where anchor Seth Meyers interviews "Ray Lewis" : : A lot of us saw you cry last week during the National Anthem. It's been nearly 12 years since Ray Lewis played in his only other Super Bowl, but he is still almost as big as the game. Ray Lewis brings down Jim Harbaugh, then the Indianapolis Colts quarterback, for his first career sack on Oct. To be 37 and back here and have a chance to win another one in my last year, there’s no greater hunger that I have,"...
    • 'Saturday Night Live' spoofs Ray Lewis

      If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Ray Lewis should feel very, very flattered right now. "Saturday Night Live" did an entertaining parody of the retiring Ravens linebacker, even down to his over-the-top face paint. While actor Ken…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Another asterisk on Ray Lewis' career

    NEW ORLEANS -- Another Super Bowl, another controversy for Ray Lewis. In 2000, the media swarmed around the Baltimore Ravens middle linebacker to repeatedly ask about involvement in a double-murder case from the year before. On Tuesday's media day, Lewi…
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    • Yes, Ray Lewis is still retiring after Super Bowl

      Ravens star linebacker hasn't changed his mind, future plansNEW ORLEANS -- Ed Reed smiled playfully upon his arrival in New Orleans, toying with the idea of whether Ravens star inside linebacker Ray Lewis might reconsider his plans to retire. 
    • Ray Lewis' first NFL sack was on 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh

      NEW ORLEANS -- Seventeen years ago, Ravens star inside linebacker Ray Lewis was an exuberant rookie competing against Indianapolis Colts veteran quarterback Jim Harbaugh.
    • Ray Lewis addresses controversial past

      NEW ORLEANS -- When the Ravens were in the Super Bowl 12 years ago, linebacker Ray Lewis was repeatedly asked throughout the week about the double murder case in Atlanta the year before. On his first day at this year's Super Bowl, the incident was broug…
      Source: ESPN.com
    • At Super Bowl XLVII press conferences, Ray Lewis may not face any questions about stabbing incident from 2000 Super Bowl

      On more than one occasion we’ve heard Ray Lewis speak of “sacrifice,” whether for his team or an even higher power. His words ring heavy in our ears while contemplating another sacrifice - the time it will take to watch Tuesday’s Super Bowl Medi
    • The Ravens Are Happy and Ray Lewis Is Retiring. Repeat as Needed.

      Ravens Coach John Harbaugh seemed a lot happier to be in New Orleans than his brother, 49ers Coach Jim Harbaugh.
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    • Mike Preston: Ray Lewis shouldn't make himself the story this week

      It's been nearly 12 years since Ray Lewis played in his only other Super Bowl, but he is still almost as big as the game.
    • As he readies for Super Bowl, Ravens LB Ray Lewis says everything is complete

      Lewis' whole family will be in New Orleans, except ailing grandmotherRavens inside linebacker Ray Lewis met the media for the first of several times this week and he said his "hunger" to win another Super Bowl is "probably off the charts."
    • SNL skit that made fun of Ray Lewis crying literally made him cry

      The most recent edition of Saturday Night Live featured a squirrel-dancing Kenan Thompson at the Weekend Update desk with Seth Meyers.  Thompson, with painted face and purple No. 52 jersey, was playing the role of Ray Lewis. Among other things, the segm…
    • Ray Lewis: Game's most polarizing figure

      NEW ORLEANS -- When it comes to Ray Lewis, you either love him or hate him. When the Ravens linebacker is shown on TV, you either buy into his passionate words or you want to change the channel. ESPN.com's Elizabeth Merrill does an excellent job in show…
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Spotlight not always comfortable for Ray Lewis III

    Ray Lewis’s oldest son, Ray Lewis III, will be a freshman on the football team at Miami in the fall. But because of his famous name, he’s already accustomed to having a spotlight on him. And that spotlight isn’t always comfortable. Local 6 in Orland
  • Ray Lewis forgives Welker’s wife for murder reference

    The murder investigation involving Ray Lewis 13 years ago hasn’t taken over the coverage of the Super Bowl (and it shouldn’t), nor has it been completely verboten (and it shouldn’t). But Lewis took the high road in his first chance to address a rela
  • ‘Ray Lewis’ pays a visit to ‘Saturday Night Live’

    So "Saturday Night Live" decided to take on Ray Lewis this week on "Weekend Update," and the impression was pretty darn accurate: a weeping, praying, the-world-bows-down-to-me Ray, courtesy of Kenan Thompson. You'll want to watch to …
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