• Ray Rice’s open-field brilliance leads to the Ravens’ first touchdown

    Summary of 7 articles · Updated Jan 8, 2013
    Ravens running back Ray Rice fumbled twice on Sunday. So I don’t really get that question,” Rice said after the game. After Rice’s second fumble early in the fourth quarter, Rice got two more carries and was targeted once by quarterback Joe Flacco in one offensive series. Rice rushed 15 times for 70 yards and although his day was marred by two lost fumbles, he also turned a short catch into a 47-yard gain that led to the Ravens' first touchdown of the game a 2-yard rumble by fullback Vonta Leach 50 second...
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    • Ray Rice vows to 'be smarter' after his playoff struggles continued Sunday

      Ravens running back has fumbled five times in eight postseason games and has only surpassed 70 rushing yards onceRay Rice knifed through the heart of the New England Patriots defense, into the end zone and into our collective memories, his 83-yard touch…
    • Ray Rice takes issue with reporters questioning his fumbles

      Ravens running back Ray Rice fumbled twice on Sunday. He would prefer that reporters not bring that up when interviewing him. When he was asked about those fumbles, Rice said he didn’t understand why one game was being held against him after he played 1
    • Ravens running game powers offense to win

      Rookie Bernard Pierce and veteran Ray Rice combine for more than 200 yardsThe way Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce are rolling up yards, the Ravens' running back duo may need a nickname of their own.
    • Adam Vinatieri’s miss takes Ray Rice off the hook after his second fumble

      Ray Rice doesn't fumble the ball and Adam Vinatieri doesn't miss big field goals in the playoffs. So what the heck happened in the fourth quarter at Baltimore? First, Rice lost his second fumble of the game (although the first was given to the Colts whe…
      Source: yahoo.com

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