• Report: Celtics Plan on Offering Lottery Pick in Trade for Kevin Love

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    The first significant event of the Celtics offseason comes tonight with the NBA Draft Lottery. The Celtics' most recent foray into lottery land wasn't their most infamous, however. The reason for that is once the top 3 picks are selected, the rest of the lottery draft order is determined by the regular season record of the remaining teams, from worst to best. Loves potential availability is a welcome development for Danny Ainge and the Celtics front office in their quest to improve their team with some fireworks this summer. Some people don't like that system, which has been in place since 1990, because they believe it encourages bad teams with no shot at competing for a title to give something less than the ol' college try, ostensibly losing as many games as possible to try to increase the likelihood of netting a higher draft choice.
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    • Celtics Fans at Lottery Party: Disappointing, But Bring on Kevin Love

      Celtics fans attending an NBA Draft Lottery party at Ned Devine's in Faneuil Hall Tuesday night came with a unified message: Bring on Kevin Love.
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    • Watch: Celtics Fans React to Lottery Disappointment

      There was a round of cheers for the Lakers, then a shocked, collective gasp from Celtics fans gathered at Ned Devine's in Fanueil Hall for the team's NBA lottery party.
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    • What Utah Jazz fans need to know about the NBA draft lottery

      A key moment in the Utah Jazz’s rebuilding happens tonight with the NBA draft lottery. Bryan Miller, the son of team owner Gail Miller, will represent the team on stage in New York for the 6 p.m. draw, which will air on ESPN. The Jazz are slated No. 4 a…
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    • Examining The Celtics' Draft Lottery Odds

      Taking a look at the Celtics' Draft Lottery Odds for tonight's NBA Lottery and how fans will know how the team is faring even before their envelope is unveiled.
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    • Wizards fans don’t have a reason to watch NBA draft lottery for a change

      It’s just the Wizards’ luck that they don’t have any Ping Pong balls in the hopper for Tuesday night’s NBA draft lottery, which will determine the order of the top 14 picks for one of the most loaded NBA drafts in recent history. Ways the Wizards can wi…
    • Everything You Need to Know About Celtics Draft Lottery

      Everything you need to know about how the NBA Draft Lottery process works as well as Boston's chances of landing a top pick prior to tonight's big event.
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    • The Celtics Emerge As Candidates For Kevin Love

      As we reported yesterday, Kevin Love has informed the Minnesota Timberwolves he does not plan on signing an extension with the team and will test free agency next season. There are many suitors lining up for the 26-year-old power forward, and it appears…
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    • League's biggest losers look for lottery win

      They lost often, 67 times in all for the Milwaukee Bucks.
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    • Why Would Kevin Love Come to the Celtics? Short Answer: He Probably Won't

      Don't get too enamored with the idea of Kevin Love in Celtics' green.
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    • The Boston Celtics' Long, Tortured, NBA Lottery History

      The Celtics have had terrible luck in the NBA Draft Lottery. Will Tuesday be any different?
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    • Talk of Kevin Love to Celtics Gaining Momentum

      The idea of Kevin Love in a Celtics uniform may be closer to reality than the pipe dream it's been.
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  • GIFs: Steve Pagliuca, Bill Simmons React to Celtics' Bad Luck at NBA Draft Lottery

    Things didn’t quite go the Celtics’ way tonight at the NBA draft lottery, as Boston got jumped by the Cavaliers, who secured their third No. 1 pick in four years.
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  • 2014 Draft Lottery Good Luck Charms

    The NBA draft lottery is happening tonight. After a season in which so many teams figured out a way to lose as many games as possible to position themselves for the draft, tonight we find out who gets rewarded for all the malodorous jockeying for ping p…
    Source: dimemag.com
  • Is a Ceramic Rooster the Key to the Celtics' NBA Lottery Luck?

    The Celtics are bringing some good-luck charms to Tuesday's NBA Lottery.
    Source: boston.com

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