• Report: Dolphins considering trade down in first round

    Summary of 4 articles · Updated Apr 24, 2013
    Who do you think is the most likely team to trade back? They didn't trade for the slot. Trade back to slots where you are less likely to get great players, and odds are good you’ll be in position again soon to draft great players. So what does Jeff Ireland do in a scenario that sees all three elite tackle prospects gone as expected, Dee Milliner off the board, Jonathan Cooper drafted in the 10 or 11 spot, and Tyler Eifert surprisingly selected in the top 10?
    • Players Dolphins might trade at No. 12

      The first thing you must understand about draft trades is that intelligent and successful general managers do not trade for draft picks. They trade for players. That's why the second overall pick last year was worth a mint to the Washington Redskins. Th…
    • Report: Dolphins showing willingness to move up in first round

      The week before the draft generates a lot of talk, with one report sometimes appearing to contradict the one directly before it. Earlier Tuesday, Adam Schefter of ESPN identified the Dolphins as one of the teams in the top 12 of the first round making c…
  • Who's most likely to trade back?

    Reports are flying about how many teams want to trade. I’m always surprised how many fans seem to think a trade down is going to help fix their teams. Sure. You want the club you root for to be prudent while considering value. If you have high slot, go
    Source: ESPN.com

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