• Report: MLB pays for Biogenesis documents

    Summary of 10 articles · Updated Apr 13, 2013
    According to the New York Times, MLB felt like it needed to purchase the documents from the former Biogenesis employee because at least one player was attempting to do the same. [Report: Report: A-Rod purchased damning Biogenesis documents] A New York Times story says the commissioner's office has paid a former employee of Biogenesis for documents related to the case, while at least one player linked to the clinic has bought documents from a former clinic employee for the purpose of destroying them. As th...
    • Reports of Alex Rodriguez buying documents from Biogenesis clinic leaves questions about A-Rod's psyche and future with Yankees

      This won’t be the first time that Alex Rodriguez looked dumb, if it turns out to be true that he essentially purchased the Biogenesis documents, as it is now alleged. But this is in a different league from trying to pick up women from the dugout during
    • Report: A-Rod sought to destroy Biogenesis records

      Report: A-Rod sought to destroy Biogenesis records
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • A-Rod allegedly pays ex-Biogenesis employee for documents

      As Alex Rodriguez gets embroiled in yet another steroids controversy, this time trying to buy Biogenesis documents, Cliff Corcoran wonders if his reputation can sink any lower.
      Source: CNNSI.com
    • Reports: Representatives for Alex Rodriguez purchased Biogenesis documents

      On Thursday night, the New York Times reported that the commissioner's office had purchased documents from a former employee at the Biogenesis clinic with the intention of gaining information and uncovering evidence that would link players to the clinic…
      Source: yahoo.com
    • MLB, A-Rod reportedly buy clinic records

      Major League Baseball reportedly has ramped up its investigation involving the Florida anti-aging clinic that allegedly supplied performance-enhancing substances to players.
      Source: MLB.com
    • MLB Breaks Out The Scuzz Money, Pays For Biogenesis Evidence

      You almost feel a little bad for MLB, like a toddler aware of, but not quite capable of the locomotion required to reach and open the snack drawer. They know all those juicy Biogenesis clinic records are there for the taking, but just can't seem to get …
      Source: deadspin.com
    • Report: MLB paid ex-Biogenesis workers for docs

      NEW YORK (AP) Major League Baseball paid a former employee of a Florida anti-aging clinic linked to performance-enhancing drugs for documents.
      Source: CNNSI.com
  • Sources: A-Rod paid to prevent leak of docs

    Sources familiar with MLB's investigation into a Miami-area clinic say MLB investigators have been told that Alex Rodriguez paid a former clinic employee to prevent the release of potentially damaging documents.
    Source: ESPN.com

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