• Report: NFL Pressured ESPN Into Backing Out Of Concussion Film

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Aug 23, 2013
    When word broke that ESPN was unexpectedly and belatedly ending its involvement with PBS's Frontline on a pair of documentaries investigating head injuries in football, ESPN swore up and down it had nothing to do with keeping the NFL happy. According to a
    Source: deadspin.com
    • ESPN drops out of PBS project on NFL head injuries

      ESPN ended its collaboration with PBS on an investigation of the NFL and players' head injuries as public TV producers expressed surprise over the abrupt collapse of the 15-month partnership.Click to Continue »
    • NFL says it didn’t pressure ESPN to pull out of Frontline project

      Mentioned in the report that the NFL pressured ESPN to abandon its concussion project with PBS, but hardly highlighted, is the league’s position that no pressure was applied. NFL spokesman Greg Aiello reiterated in an email to PFT that the league did no…
    • Report: NFL pressured ESPN to abandon PBS concussion project

      On Thursday, ESPN cut the cord on its much-hyped PBS Frontline partnership regarding concussions in pro football. In so doing, ESPN denied that it had received any pressure from the NFL. On Friday, of course, a report has emerged that the NFL did indeed…
  • ESPN cuts ties with documentary project about NFL concussions

    ESPN on Thursday ended its official association with "Frontline," the public television public affairs series, on a two-part documentary about concussions in the NFL that is scheduled to be televised in October. After 15 months on the venture,…
    Source: nola.com

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