• Report: Thunder star Russell Westbrook is now an underwear model

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Nov 12, 2013
    Take this latest one for example, as Thunder star Russell Westbrook has reportedly signed a six-figure deal with underwear company Kings and Jacks, according to TMZ. Our well-placed underwear sources tell us ... Russell inked a huge deal with Kings and Jaxs that will require him to not only model the undies, but will also give him creative and design input. FYI K&J prides itself on how the underwear is built to let your man parts breath [sic] the web site says, "The little man doesn't like to be restricted with little or no oxygen." I really hope you didn't already buy Russell Westbrook a three-pack of new Jeff Van Grundies for his 25th birthday. Westbrook's interest in and commitment to fashion and, specifically, to wearing things that elicit arched eyebrows from the not-so-fashion-forward among us has been well documented. This isn't quite creating his own clothing line, which is something he's said he's interested in doing, but it's a step in that direction a chance to get some design experience, some information on what goes into making and distributing your own gear, and a little practical know-how, all while getting a bunch of free drawers and showing off the physique he's worked so hard to cultivate over the years.

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