• Reports: MJ can lose $1.5M in gym investment

    Summary of 2 articles · Updated Aug 14, 2012
    Michael Jordan stands to lose as much as $1.5 million in a possible foreclosure of a gym he invested in, according to multiple reports. The gym, formerly known as Hoops, was built in 2007. The Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune reported that a judge recently rejected a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing by the company of Tim Grover, who owns Attack Athletics Gym on Chicago's West Side. Grover's company listed claims for $12.2 million in its bankruptcy filing, including a $2 million second mortgage to Chicago...
    Source: ESPN.com
    • Michael Jordan could part with $1.5 million following an investment in a failing Chicago-area gym

      For years, Chicago-based personal trainer Tim Grover worked with some of the NBA's biggest stars as the league's go-to personal trainer. From Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade to dozens of Chicago-area NBA vets and various Chicago Bulls, Grover r…
      Source: yahoo.com

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