• Robert Griffin III seems on track for Week 1, but how will lack of practice affect his development?

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jul 29, 2013
    Tags: Robert Griffin III Posted in Uncategorized I know I’ll wear it for the rest of the season,” Griffin said. Griffin also wore a brace throughout the 2010 season at Baylor after tearing his ACL in 2009. “Having those extra reps, being in those situations when the game is on the line, visualizing that success, you really have to be in those situations more times than not. Knowing the actual plays.
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    • Player’s Turn: Robert Griffin III At The Mic

      (AP Image) After the first morning practice of the week, quarterback Robert Griffin III walked up to the podium for the second time during the Washington Redskins 2013 training camp to address the media. Here’s what Griffin III had to say about his conn…
      Source: redskins.com
  • Robert Griffin III will wear a knee brace all year

    Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III says he will wear a brace on his surgically repaired knee for the entire 2013 season. Griffin was asked after practice today whether he’ll protect his knee with a brace for the rest of his career, and although h…

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