• Robinson: Steelers’ best financial option is to keep Roethlisberger in 2014

    Summary of 5 articles · Updated Nov 24, 2013
    Roethlisberger is due to make $12.1 million in 2014 and $11.6 million in 2015. But if Roethlisberger demands a trade, and he's available next season, would you want the Cleveland Browns to acquire him? Would the addition of Roethlisberger make the Browns a better team? Or would his history with the Steelers be too hard to overcome? Recently, rumors circulated that Roethlisberger is so unhappy with the Steelers that he is ready to leave for another team. Ohio – As part of his ownership stake in the Browns, Ben Roethlisberger might be tempted to pitch city council today on the deal to renovate his personal lakefront playground. With franchise quarterbacks still getting huge contracts at a time when rookie deals have been capped significantly and veterans at most other positions not cashing in like they used to, the stakes are higher than ever when it comes to the representation of the small handful of men who are in position to make huge money.
    • Cleveland Browns are Ben Roethlisberger's patsies once again: Bud Shaw

      For the 16th time in 17 meetings, the Browns lost to Ben Roethlisberger. The only way to interrupt that trend is to find a franchise quarterback of their own one of these days.
      Source: cleveland.com
    • Steelers think agent games could be at the heart of Roethlisberger reports

      Remember those reports about Ben Roethlisberger wanting to be traded? Apart from denying flatly and persistently the notion that they would trade their franchise quarterback, there’s a theory percolating in the Steelers organization that the rumors can …
    • Tailgate Talk: If available, should the Cleveland Browns pursue QB Ben Roethlisberger (video)?

      CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Depending on who you believe, either Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger wants to play for a new team next season or he wants to spend his entire career with the Steelers.Recently, rumors circulated that Roethlisberger …
      Source: cleveland.com
  • Ben Roethlisberger has a second career as a pooch punter

    There's probably no play in football with such a stark distinction between usefulness and cool factor as the pooch punt. It looks like the kind of muffed flub that would happen if you or I tried to punt, but it's an effective means of pinning the other …
    Source: yahoo.com

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