• Roger Goodell: NFL will explore eliminating the extra point

    Summary of 3 articles · Updated Jan 21, 2014
    Earlier this month, Belichick said he thought extra points were boring because of how automatic they’ve become and there’s enough agreement with him that the league will explore dropping extra points this offseason. That was the word from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who told Rich Eisen of NFL Network that the league is examining proposals for abolishing the extra point for pretty much the reason that Belichick cited. Assume the PAT will be a success, so award the extra point without even running the play. By making a touchdown worth seven points while giving the team that scored it the chance to risk one point in order to go for two, the most dramatic change in the scoring rules since the NFL embraced the two-pointer 20 years ago would acknowledge that the PAT has indeed become as a practical matter automatic.
    • Eliminating extra point makes sense

      Not everyone likes the proposal that would take part of the “foot” out of football, via the elimination of the extra point. But most do, and the adjustment as framed by Commissioner Roger Goodell makes a lot of sense. By making a touchdown worth seven p…
  • The Extra Point Is On Its Way Out

    It may not happen next year, it may not happen within five years, but it will happen, and the NFL's top man is on board: Roger Goodell says the Competition Committee has a number of proposals to do away with the extra point, and he's a fan of one in par…
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