• Role with Astros is Clemens’ for taking

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    The Astros plan to open their 2013 schedule to Clemens, allowing him to participate as much as he wants during spring training and the regular season. Seven-time Cy Young Award winner Roger Clemens is on the verge of taking an active role with the Astros. Baseball season is around the corner, and Astros owner Jim Crane has made it clear he wants Clemens working with the club again this year, so there are schedules to work out and four sons to keep up with. Clemens certainly won't get there by ripping the electorate.  You usually get more flies with honey than vinegar, so in that respect it makes sense for Clemens to make a polite and understated response. Craig Biggio of the Houston Astros came closest with 68.2 percent, followed by Jack Morris, Jeff Bagwell , Mike Piazza and Tim Raines . It sounds like it'd be as a "special instructor," that catch-all term that allows retired-but-still-beloved players to show up for spring training and pregame workouts to impart wisdom, and also to keep from wasting away because they just don't know how to live without being around baseball.
    • Clemens on HOF vote: ‘I’m not overly surprised’

      Former Astros righthander Roger Clemens wasn't surprised to learn he had not earned a place in Cooperstown on his first year on the Baseball Hall of Fame ballot.
      Source: chron.com
    • Bonds, Clemens denied; no one elected to Hall

      For the first time since 1996, no players were elected to the Hall of Fame by baseball writers.
      Source: ESPN.com
  • Roger Clemens responds to Hall snub with polite note apparently written in Comic Sans font

    This -----------> twitter.com/rogerclemens/s… - Roger Clemens (@rogerclemens) January 9, 2013 In case the photo of his statement (which seems to be written in the much-abused Comic Sans Serif font) isn't coming through on your C-64 or bag phone, here'
    Source: yahoo.com

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